Unsolved Mysteries


Blindness affecting love
War obliterating peace
Miles and miles of loneliness
And for what?
No one knows.
Freedom locked away forever
and at what cost?
Will no one unbury the lost?
Will the children of the stars forever cry?
Will their tears continue to flood the streets?
Who will answer for this?
Secrets being revealed
Water polluted
And for what?
And at what cost?
Who will answer for this?
No one knows



I would rather rise
Than fall in love
Or fall into the trap
That makes the gap
In heaven’s gate, separate
Here I wait

For the fall of all enthralled
In destruction
To trust in reproduction
Is to wish in what will cease to exist
A raised fist

Is symbolic of how I stand erect
With the effect to make walls stretch
Intellect can never be confined
Ahead of time
Is where we should be
And if we didn’t fall
We would be

But that’s neither here nor there
Because where we are right now
Is all that matters
And looking back won’t change matters

So disregard the fall of all that are here now
And what you hear now
Is me making the fog clear now

If I Had 3 Wishes


If I had 3 wishes
I would wish for forgiveness,
Love, kindness and peace

If I had 3 wishes
I would wish for no more handcuffs
In my life

If I had 3 wishes
I would wish for another opportunity,
Honor and a great path to take
To get home and stay home

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My Love


The reason I laugh
The reason I cry
The reason I live
My will to survive

The reason I lie
The reason I trust
The reason I crave
This feeling of lust

For better or for worst
For sick or for Poor
A sensational feeling
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 By SR

 Change to me means Choosing Hands And Not Guns Every time

 My past involves quick tempers
 Over problems that were simple
 Running to a gun to end someone’s life
 Instead of duking it out and hearing you won in our fight
 Our human bodies have been formed
 To easily recover from bumps n bruises
 But a close life lost you don’t hear who won and who loses
 You hear who’s gone and who’s choosing
 If they sloppy, the top bunk or the bottom
 Seldom they got away
 But if so you’re a walking body
 No dome, no tone, just bones
 Who wants a lifeless life?
 I don’t
 I want change
 You’ll see a new man!