Lonely Patients


Thinking hard, my thoughts keep on drifting to many things
Mostly that which I’m missing

Family, freedom, the touch of a lovely woman
A lot of thoughts bottled up but no one to listen

Trying hard to be patient throughout my trials & tribulations
But that can really be a test in my situation

Being all alone in a place so far from home
Waiting for something so close, but the wait seems so long

Just need someone to talk to and listen to my thoughts
But since I’ve been away, most people ran off

See, these are the times when reality is hard to face
But I know things will get better if I be patient and wait

My Heavenly Friend


If you leave where will I be

If you weren’t here what would I see

When I look at you

I see a person of all one could be

And when I’m your presence

I feel that paradise is upon me

When I need you you’re always here

I can’t find the words because none can compare

But for a friend in me I hold you dear

Because you’re an individual

Of much love, wisdom, and patience to share

A good friend is hard to find

But God bless me with one that defends

And for that blessing alone
It’s time I start giving mine

And show a light of my own that shines

Thank you my heavenly Friend