Midnight Pause of Nature


Express Yourself
You are true
Unbound by space and time
Down to earth, Paradise within reach

I breathe in the mountain air
This is the way of nature
The sun arises over the mountain
I express gratitude and reverence

I yearn to walk barefoot in the grass
Is it safe?
The moon turns orange on my right and shines
through my window
Is it looking at me?

The geese disappear
What happened?
The flowers are gone
Did I do something wrong?

I would love to eat from a fruit tree
It brings delight to my taste buds
I see a rainbow in my sink
Did it just wink at me as a coded message in time?

I Wonder


Sometimes I wonder why I was put on Earth if everybody has to die
Or why should I love someone that can be gone in a heartbeat
They say it a crazy world
But to me it’s f*cked up to have a life but can’t cherish it
I wonder if Adam and Eve never disobeyed God, would we have eternal life
As well, if there wasn’t no disease, then can life be a fairytale
But sorry to say that that’s a book we won’t never get to read
But honestly, would you want to live in a fairyland?
‘Cause you have to have a bit of pain or sadness
To bring the true meaning of life
Because life is an element of free will
Before you can reach paradise