Drug Free at Last


Mind, body, and soul still you uphold

From the toxins that had you controlled

Because of your blinded eyes

They appeared as gold

Many days you said you would leave that road

But for many times under pressure you had fold

But now that’s no more load for you to hold

And when I say drug free I’m bold

Yes I because now I’m me

And as strong as I can be

But never looking down at those lower than me

And only looking higher for more to achieve

So when you look at me only believe

That my old habits finally let go of me

And know thanks to God

I’m Drug Free At Last

Color Blind


Not holding a grudge because of your ancestry

No mad because I may have to work extra hard to not get a felony.

Don’t allow the derogatory words to have an impact on my view,

the way I see things and the functions I get into.

I greet you in peace,

Even if you dislike me.

That’s strength in its own

Also my reality

that’s painted in the poem!