If You Wanta Know

By Alisha, Free Minds Poet Ambassador

 I won’t write just to write
Even though they ask me to fill this space with words
They wanta know why I sing and set birds free.
They want to see my faded past
From a story line of poetic theories
Of rocky poetry…
They want me to fill this space
So I tell them
If you want to know of my life
Go into the darkest place of your soul
And let a little light shine through… then reach
And if you wanta know where I’ve been
Just read a book on evolution,
And if you wanta know where I’m going
Just kiss the plams of my hands
Because I’m evolving outa darkness
And grabbing on to life
Just so I can fill your space
With wise words

This poem was written on the recent Free Minds retreat to Sandy Spring Friends School, after walking in silence through a former stretch of the Underground Railroad. 


My Life

By BP 

 My life
 Living it bad and doing it wrong
 I need a change just like that poor man on the street
 In and out this life
 It’s like a wish
 I wish and I wish for a change
 Losing my friends and family
 For that change I wish and I wish
 I can change
 Seeing my mother cry
 And losing me and my life
 And mama losing me
 That change
 That change
 Got that change