Her Name Is Streets


Why the old cry when the young die?
And when the young die
A newborn opens their eyes for the first time

Crime is programmed
To the mind of the young boy who is searching for love and shelter
Streets, she’s always the quickest helper

What you need money, drugs, violence?
Stop being silent
I love you, young boy

Streets whispers, “I’ve made people rich
I’ve made people poor
I’m that love you can’t ignore

Also I have 3 best friends named
Prison, Overdose, and Death
I’m going to be here for you when no one’s left

I’m Streets, the woman who softly caresses your chest
I grow no flowers, I’m concrete
A hard downfall for whoever falls on me
In case you don’t know my name is Streets.”

In This Game


Just a youngin’ in this game
Livin’ life was a struggle
In this skool every day
Getting knowledge was my hustle
Was trying to be a geek
Wasn’t trying to be a dummy,
I was trying to get dis money
And moms always said
You gotta strive to be successful
So I did what I did
‘Cuz I was tired of living stressful
I was tired of being broke
And I was tired being hungry
And living in this world,
The only way was getting money

$$ Money $$


Money… money… money…

It’s what everyone out to get!

Drug dealers, prostitutes, police, people want it, illegal or legit.

It’ll have you doing things you’ll regret you did,

Stabbing, robbing, shooting everything above,

But in the end, it’s actually showing you no luv.

Think about it! Its nothing but paper with a dead president

And believe me, dying and going to jail for something that’s nothing but debt

Is not worth it!
So don’t listen to 50 Cent’s, “Get Rich or Die Trying” quote!

Because it will have you worshipping it as a GOD

With blind faith and material hope

So don’t let it stress you out, drive you crazy, or go out of your normal ways

Because at the end your gonna be judged on what you did to get it here on your earthly days.

Okay, yeah you need it no doubt dat’s true

To survive and live comfortable, and to get things necessary for you

There are people who’ve accumulated too much of it

Looking down on people belittling them and that’s not right.

Who are you to judge? You’re not the all knower.

You’re the child of Adam, so you’ve also taken’ a bite.

People even occupy Wall Street, just to go on strike

Until the police comes and tellem’ to take a hike

Money… money… money…

It’s like you’ve stabbed the entire globe with a long razor sharp knife

But before you killem’ let everyone know that

“you CAN’T take MONEY to the AFTERLIFE”

This poem is for people who think about money 24/7 .  I just want people to know don’t let your whole life be about getting money.  You will totally miss out on life’s lesson and not be happy about living, just stressed over paper.  I want people to know dat money is not everything, you think it is.  Don’t worship money, let it worship itself.

Mi Vida Loca

By CR 

I remember me saying:

Vivo una vida loca (living a crazy life)

I also remember saying:

Por mi madre vivo, por mi barrio muero (live for my mother, die for my hood)

But guess what now?

I’m tired of living that life style

Since I was 12

Now that I’m close to turning 17

While I’m locked up

Made me realize that I didn’t have a childhood

All I had was money, females, drugs

And witnessing wild things happen around my way

People say and still do say to this moment

When I come home: “I’m Dead”

But I fear no man

But the person who can judge me after I die

So like what my associates told me:

“You’re honorably discharged from your duties”

Don’t Come Around Here

By Dh

Don’t come around here

Tryin act like you big dog

Put your hands on me

You get with a hot ball

You left me running around backwards

Finding out the hard way

Learning from my peoples

& My men from the Toga

Taught myself to get money

& How to honor the code

So what I’m in jail

This the life that I chose