I wrote one poem but you dissolved it,
So I wrote a new one in the hopes to solve it,
Right now I’m angry and am in need of help – are you there?
I’m tired of being lied to – honestly do you really care?
I got my hopes up but now you just laugh – can you tell me why?
I hate to believe that you’re praying upon my downfall – is that why you cry?
All your tears I hate as well – when you look at me, honestly, can’t you tell?
Now it’s clear to see in my pain that you’re a hazard of – why I fail.
With that being expressed, I’ll close for now……
Just maybe – you will learn the meaning of truly – being DOWN!
Instead of living your life as a silly clown.
You always want to be seen – but I promise, “All is not what it seems.”
When you find yourself and become ready for a good man,
I vow to your will that I can – always be DOWN!

Always Had My Mother


Dedicated To My Moms

I seen my mother go through withdrawals
I smelled the heroin coming out of her pores

There was days I had nothing
There was nights I had nothing
But my mother

We used to pray 4 better days
Momma always made a way

There was times I didn’t have no food
There was times I didn’t have fresh shoes
But I had my mother

Momma always held strong
She never worried that my father was long gone
There was times I couldn’t get love from my own kind
There was moments that I second guessed my own friends
But I always had my mother


I really want 2 be honest
With the females I choose 4 company
But some use me 4 play 4 just showing sympathy
If I show them a real man
Will they respect and love me with loyalty?
Am I being a fool?
Or am I confused
from being brain washed
by other dudes?
How about you choose


Just hit the bricks and my n****s tryna hit a move
showed me bricks gave me money strapped me with a tool
baby mamma trippin’ she tellin’ me not to be a fool
family keep stressin’ how important it is to finish school
loyalty playing the game on 2 sides got me real confused
I feel like an addict to the streets
cuz my mind tellin’ me to go
but the little man inside my chest
hittin me so hard he might leave a bruise