Lost Child


Motivated and inspired by Native Son by Richard Wright

Lost in this jungle that they call a world
Sometimes, I walk in this jungle like no one else is there
I feel like a scared little child
Running and hiding from my deepest fear
Sometimes I cry and wake up in a cold sweat
Wishing people can see what I’ve just seen
I tried to tell people, but all they say is
Boy, you are a lost child, and that was just a bad dream!
So now I’m wondering, is it just me or everybody else?
Is my vision that blurry that no one else can see?
Because they seem so far, far away
Like the birds flying on top of the sea

Lost in the Dark


I stare
In my four-corner room
Hoping for a better life
But I only get doom
Lost in the dark
Looking for light soon
Every corner that you turn
Guns pop like balloons
How to get out?
I can’t, I’m trapped
Make the wrong move
And it’s a wrap!
Trying to go forward
But I keep looking back
Lost in the light
And I’m blind as a bat

Searching While Lost


Lost in a world I didn’t ask to be brought into.

Lost…confused…who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Wandering with the look of nothing on my face, because I know nothing of myself.

Confused because I am lost and lost because I am confused.

The questions I need answered I don’t get an answer, I barely get clues.

Searching for myself and got lost in the process.

Searching for myself in a world I am lost in.

Searching … lost… confused, I have no clue where to begin.

Lost… lost in this world but maybe I’ll be guided in the end.

Lost but still searching, I want to know myself within.

Curiosity and determination will fuel me until the end.

Lost in a world I didn’t ask to be brought into,

but live I will with a grin!


Lost in my thoughts, I can’t find the light that can help me.
I once knew the path to come back reality, but now I don’t know how to return to my happiness.
Lost in my deep thoughts, there are two worlds in which there are no worries, it’s just me, I live for my passion,
and with my version of life.
Lost here in the world of dreams where everything is possible, where you can arrive wherever you wish.
I am lost but I want no one to wake me, this is a world I don’t want to escape.
Here I am free as air, free like my thoughts.
Lost is my thoughts, I don’t know how to return
Lost in a world I don’t want to go back to,
Lost in my dreams I don’t want to wake up
Leave me to dream, I don’t want to return, let me enjoy this.

Love Lost

If there’s no love there, how can love be lost?
They say you can’t buy love but you will pay a cost
Maybe long endeavors
Through the slow pain, heartache
And all the stormy weathers
Would you think twice about the love you once thought was right
Which right turns to left
And your highs become lows
Friends become foes
When love becomes bold
Cuz friends start to hate on what you got
Tellin’ you what it is when it’s not
Now you got that flower
She loves me, she loves me not
So you rush back to the agony when the love is off
So if you don’t have love
Its cuz you left it alone
Cuz love is never lost
It’s just waiting for you to come home