A Treasure


I have spent the last 4 years searching for meaning in my short life

Trying to understand why life has been hard for me

Trying to understand why I have endured so much pain and suffering

Removed from the people I love with whom I can never be

Asking myself if some day my luck will change I’ll find happiness

And in this search I realized that luck does not exist

That each person’s story has already been written before they are born

That although my short and sad life is not what I want right now it will soon start to grow

That although in the eyes of others I am the worst that could have been

I continue to be special

That there are people who love me and want the best for me;

People in whom live true love, suffering love

He who does not only search for his own but also that of others

Love that doesn’t irritate

Love that doesn’t hold a grudge

Love that bears all things, believes in everyone

Love that waits, love that supports

Forgiving love

The one and true God’s love

In my short and difficult life I have found that

And the greatest thing is that I still have a lot to live

A lot to find and a lot to learn

Dedicated to my mother.

I Sleep, I Dream, Without a Physical Movement

By N.H.



ascend up into the atmosphere of wisdom

while the radiation of its light causes us to unfold into

our perfection as a caterpillar unfold from its incubation period

into a butterfly so yes it is we who

can also fly above and leave our rambunctious ways

to pass away.


            I stand behind the podium uplifting the minds of the benighted, speaking righteousness, putting a smile on those who are depressed, motivating the

fools to think wisely.  Yes it is possible so let’s not

become a failure, instead a triumph.


We dwell in peace among each other, we sing, dance,

and love one another as a family, we all have a heart that is huge, huge enough to keep everyone of

us afloat just like the constellation that float among us at night, we are the inspiration out of own

generation, the ineluctable light that emanates the

world to its fullest creation and the torchbearer of

civilization so yes it is we who can make this dream

come true and be what we are created to be.

Over The Years

Over the years
I’ve learned about the people
Who fought.
The people who weren’t people,
But property to be sold and bought.
Over the years
I learned about the people
who cried.

Over the years
I’ve thought about the things
I Seen
You’ll have to live in my shoes
to see what I mean
Over the years
I’ve thought about the things
I’ve done
laughing and joking like everything
Was fun

I often think about the time I wasted
Instead of getting high
I could’ve gotten an education
Out of all the battles I fought
I was fighting for nothing
but as the old saying goes
you’ll fall for anything if
You don’t stand for something.


Living my life for the wrong reason
Tryna get it every season
Doing what it takes to stay eating
But hustling for the wrong reasons

Being ignorant to the fact
You can get it without selling crack
Feeling trapped because I am black
Now I can’t get this time back

It was a hard lesson learned
That money has a million ways to be earned
If you sit and wait your turn
Life lessons will be learned