The Computer


I was given this computer when I was born
And I think it’s crashed
This computer contained
Everything about my past
I turned it off then tuned it on
And still getting a blank screen
There’s no internet on this computer
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I’m sorry for the life I chose
I’m sorry for walking down that road
I live a life of darkness but wish to live a life of gold
I wish my heart was filled with roses
But my heart is filled with mold
I’m only 16 years young but I feel 60 years old
I’m living in the past and can’t move forward
I’m stuck in my tracks but wanna move onward
I’m sorry!!!

In This Life of Mine


I seen a lot through my eyes in this life of mine
I seen my loved ones cry in this life of mine
I’m living too fast in this life of mine
People I love passed in this life of mine
I just wanna shine in this life of mine
All I know is grind in this life of mine
I’ve done wrong in this life of mine
I just wanna go home in this life of mine
I’m gonna change my ways in this life of mine
I want better days in this life of mine

Why Do We Breathe


Have you ever thought,
Why do we breathe?
And how when people get to be old
They have to leave
I always wanted to know,
How did everyone come to be?
How, who, and why did they choose me?
Some people say our breath is a blessing
But me, I think of it as a special lesson
Why do we breathe?
Someone, please let me know
Before I have to leave
I think I’ll be fine
If I just believe

Rise Above


You see that I’m locked up & think I’m going nowhere in life
You see that I’m caring & think I’m sweet
But you don’t know me

You would know me if…
You knew how hard it was to be called a crack baby growing up
You knew how I feel when I think people don’t care
You knew how much I wanted to go to the NBA
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