A Time to Realize

Dedicated to the struggle:
It was a time to realize that Mom or Dad can’t do this with you
when you know you in like the wind
that’s when it just begun
when you step in R an’ D it’s either G.P. or P.C.,
A Time to Realize I’m over the “quack”
the place you rode past maybe a thousand time,
A time to realize damn I ain’t got no money for a paid lawyer
funds was tight out there.
A Time to realize is that broad that you was saving
going to be there for you an’ do a Bid with you,
A Time to realize I’m ‘bout to get this or that many years,
A Time to realize you can get all the visits, phone time and letters
but when I get out the feds it might halt
A Time to realize I can get shipped to a low, medium, medium high or USP
A Time to realize I can end up anywhere around the world and know no one
A Time to realize I got to get my s*** together an’ focus on my case
and stop chasing that broad an’ forget about my men
and prepare to go take the sentence like a man
and rebound and make something out of it
A Time to realize