How to Bring About Peace in 10 Steps


After “How to Make a Cardboard Box Disappear in 10 Steps” by Clint Smith

1. Add in 1 lb of Dignity
2. Pour in 2 tbsp of Integrity
3. Simmer over 5 cups of Sympathy
4. Stir in 1 clove of Compassion
5. Next add 1 heaping of Independence
6. Mix 4 ½ cups of fresh Perseverance
7. Chop up 3 bushels of Love
8. With a dash of Imagination
9. Grind 2 tsp of Nobility
10. Sprinkled lightly over 7 lbs of Empathy

Remember This


Pay attention
‘Cause who knows a true friend
Who in any situation
Would be down until the end?

Stay focused
Be cautious
‘Cause speeding equals losing
Slow and steady wins the race
Soon you’ll be chilling with the bosses

Take your own lane,
Make it your own game
The sun will soon shine
When you’re walking through the rain

Go with your gut
Remember what mamma taught
‘Cause war with these streets
Is a fight that can’t be fought