Forever seemed like never
Until pain found my doorstep
Some lines I leave lingering
Because I never want you to think less
Life is so impressive once you inherit this perception
Forced in different directions
But in every field I’ve been accepted
Maybe because my soul stayed pure
Or my differences from the rest I never let interfere
I hung love in the closet and put happiness on my back
Hid pain in a place I’ll never want to go to get it back
Address me right and your letter should reach its destination
I know workers with no occupations
And every second that’s been invested
Has been self destructive in various places
A dazed boxer was saved by a bell
A suicidal man was saved by religion
A lady that gave up on her dreams was saved by a vision
Now imagine you on the edge of that cliff
What’s going to save you from what’s tempting?

My Ultimate Sun


Your light shines to the ends of the universe
Far beyond what anyone can see
N.A.S.A. has classified you phenomenal
In all that you embrace with energy and love
To all existence, always persistent
Yet so far and distant
Light years away, but still able to display
Your power, strength and cordiality
You are amazing
What can one do without you?
I’d imagine become weak and bitter
Shiver and wither, from the lack of T.L.C.
Your tender love and care is what I mean
Plus everything in between happiness and elation
You inspire me, Beauty
Awesome Beauty
Inspired me to write this poem



Sometimes I wish I was heartless
So I wouldn’t care
Use a black hole to replace the red muscle
So I won’t fear when you ain’t there
And I won’t have to struggle
I need the potion for no emotion
Or to put them in a bottle to go with the ocean
Don’t want to be happy—I’ll end up sad
Don’t want to feel alright—I’ll end up mad
Don’t want them—kick them out the door
What the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks
I need emotion for?

High On Reading!


When I read it’s like I’m smoking weed
The more I read
The more I need
I get so high on reading books
I be so high I feel so cooked

Different books is like different weeds
Every time I pick up a book I have got lots to read

When I read all my problems float away
I read so much it feels like I’m high all day

I read to get high
I read to get fly
The more I read the more I get by

I get so high on reading
So more books is what I am needing!

(Instead of smoking weed, you should read)

$$ Money $$


Money… money… money…

It’s what everyone out to get!

Drug dealers, prostitutes, police, people want it, illegal or legit.

It’ll have you doing things you’ll regret you did,

Stabbing, robbing, shooting everything above,

But in the end, it’s actually showing you no luv.

Think about it! Its nothing but paper with a dead president

And believe me, dying and going to jail for something that’s nothing but debt

Is not worth it!
So don’t listen to 50 Cent’s, “Get Rich or Die Trying” quote!

Because it will have you worshipping it as a GOD

With blind faith and material hope

So don’t let it stress you out, drive you crazy, or go out of your normal ways

Because at the end your gonna be judged on what you did to get it here on your earthly days.

Okay, yeah you need it no doubt dat’s true

To survive and live comfortable, and to get things necessary for you

There are people who’ve accumulated too much of it

Looking down on people belittling them and that’s not right.

Who are you to judge? You’re not the all knower.

You’re the child of Adam, so you’ve also taken’ a bite.

People even occupy Wall Street, just to go on strike

Until the police comes and tellem’ to take a hike

Money… money… money…

It’s like you’ve stabbed the entire globe with a long razor sharp knife

But before you killem’ let everyone know that

“you CAN’T take MONEY to the AFTERLIFE”

This poem is for people who think about money 24/7 .  I just want people to know don’t let your whole life be about getting money.  You will totally miss out on life’s lesson and not be happy about living, just stressed over paper.  I want people to know dat money is not everything, you think it is.  Don’t worship money, let it worship itself.