There comes a time in our lives
When we reach the point of adulthood
Where we get rid of our childish mentality
And grow up

And we’re put into rough situations
That we’re mature enough to think our way out of
Where we learn how to conquer those situations
And not depend on someone else to always be there
To pick us up when we fall

There are a lot of obstacles we face
That determine our maturity
And when we overcome them
We know that we’ve changed

Pain Builds


So why break?
I used to hate it
Be terrified of it
Then I tolerated it
And gave into it
Laughed at it
Ignored it
For years despised it
But now I’m used to it

So I build
Stretching over that tall wall of strength
To manhood from “thug life”
Being in good ways to gain my wisdom
For another Mission Possible
To become a gentleman
And believe me—we can make it
Because pain builds

Wide Awake



From a child to a teenager

From a teenager into an intelligent, strong young gentleman.

Who cares about a lot that strive for everything,

Who don’t like the easy way.

Who push himself until it’s all over.

Who walks by himself and don’t fear nothing

he sees not even a lion or a tiger could tear this heart apart too strong for his own good.

Was blinded to this life before, but now I’m too wide awake to sleep.

Those snakes strike like cobras you better find out,

before your time out, gotta stay awake.

I can sleep when I die; I’m wide awake to miss too much.



See ma I was thinking

How I been in trouble so many times

‘N you was there

I wish I can take back them times

‘N show you I care

Not just by staying out of trouble

But education-wise

I just want to show you

The next time I will shine!

Searching While Lost


Lost in a world I didn’t ask to be brought into.

Lost…confused…who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Wandering with the look of nothing on my face, because I know nothing of myself.

Confused because I am lost and lost because I am confused.

The questions I need answered I don’t get an answer, I barely get clues.

Searching for myself and got lost in the process.

Searching for myself in a world I am lost in.

Searching … lost… confused, I have no clue where to begin.

Lost… lost in this world but maybe I’ll be guided in the end.

Lost but still searching, I want to know myself within.

Curiosity and determination will fuel me until the end.

Lost in a world I didn’t ask to be brought into,

but live I will with a grin!