Words of Inspiration


Listen to my words of inspiration
For we are living in a world of discrimination
Inside these times of temptation
While on a path to separation

We judge each other according to looks, finances, and beliefs
Looking down upon one another
Forgetting that we are all unique Read More

Living a Good Life


Living a good life
Dat’s what I deserve

I’m breaking my bad life
Cycle to get out of the hood

It’s never too late to

People acting like something they really not

That’s why people don’t think
Before they act

My City, Our City


My city, my city
Not my city, but our city has become theirs
Can’t figure out why the rich can’t share
My city
Our city has become full
Torn between the two
Wealthy n’ poor
My city, our city, when will it change
Been saving pennies since I was wearing pennies
Waiting on a list that stays the same Read More

Pain to Power


I was 14 when I watched Ky die
When I seen him fall back and close his eyes,
I wanted to die
I didn’t want to believe he was dying
So I ain’t cry
I just talked to his boy like he was alive
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Life is Too Short


Sentenced to 7 years in prison at the age of sixteen
Life is too short to be sitting in prison
Holding grudges on a person is a waste of time
People change and things go wrong so quickly
But that’s a part of life
Life is too short to hold grudges
Always forgive but never forget and have no regrets
Life is too short to be unhappy
Smile when you are sad and laugh when you can
Because life is too short