Ain’t No Sunshine in the Ghetto


Ain’t no sunshine in da ghetto,

but to da government none of this matter though,

In da winter I wore too small boots, mix match socks, riped jeans and an urban sweater

But to da government none of this matter though,

I ain’t never been fed with a silver spoon

so I hooked up with my man and started pumpin’ weed and coke through birthday balloons

hopin’ things would get better soon,

I take you to Apt # D-11 Mice and Roach infested place,

A lazy slum lord was da case,

you only seen him and he only seen you when rent was due.

Ain’t no sunshine in the Ghetto

Remember when moms used to cry until she turn blue and her eyes blood shot red,

Holdin’ her hand on her head,

livin’ from month to month checks and being in a rundown complex,

I could see her stress building trynna’ figure out what next,

 Momma stressed ova’ payin’ bills, puttin’ food on da table and keepin’ da tv hooked up with cable.

 It was da middle of da month, so there was only one option, so she took off her jewelry and to da pawn shop,

Momma I want you to know I recognize you as a mother of all time high,

You gave it your best, even through stress,

Even though you hated being broke and no jewelry around your neck or wrist,

you just could see your kids live like this.

I could tell when da struggle didn’t stop it only doubled,

feelin’ it in my heart as da shit start to bubble,

makin me mad thinkin’ bout da shit I never had

Aint no sunshine in da ghetto

Listenin’ as shit in da wall start to crack just before a pipe bust and da water start to poor,

we start rushin’ knockin door to door before da water sharted leakin’ through the floor,

but dat ain’t all as shit start to fall apart from da sink, to da floor, to da cabinet,

until da gas line popped, my little brother started buckin’,

 And on top of that we couldn’t even get da slum lord to put hinges on da doors,

so when da doors got to fallin’ everybody got to duckin’.

We survived da stormiest weather,

 but like I said to da government this don’t matter though,

Ain’t no sunshine in da Ghetto.

Dedicated to da Struggle

Amenaza a la Sociedad / Threat to Society

Por Y.A.

El gobierno dice que soy una amenaza

Pero quisiera saber lo que por sus mentes pasa

¿Por qué me quieren encarcelar para siempre sin volver a casa?

Cuando nadie es perfecto y todos hemos pecado

Cuando todos en nuestros años de juventud malas decisiones hemos tomado

¿Por qué me juzgan con mentiras y falsas acusaciones?

O trayendo a mi alma muchas aflicciones

¿Por qué 3 o 4 personas son la comunidad que busca mi vida en un tribunal,

Pero 30 o 40 veces en número de personas son las que quieren mi libertad.

Porque en sus mentes solo me quieren devorar como un león

Urgente devora a su presa sin dare oportunidad,

En el país de las oportunidades ¿dónde está mi oportunidad?

Para demostrar que muchas cosas han cambiado en mi vida.

Si ustedes son los buenos de la película como lo demuestran;

Desterrando a las personas para siempre en una prisión?

O dejando a una madre sin su hijo cuando más lo necesita

O a un niño o niña sin padre para que siga el mismo ciclo de busca de amor en las calles?

Es verdad que cada quién paga por sus errores y necesita corrección

Pero por qué no se dan cuenta cuando la persona ha dejado

Que la corrección haya tocado su vida

Y que no es necesario que su vida termine en una cárcel.

Entonces dónde están las oportunidades?

Pero llegará un día cuando todos estemos delante del trono blanco

Y necesitemos una oportunidad y a los que dieron oportunidades se les dara oportunidad

Pero a los que las negaron se les negara.

Por eso es una muy buena opción hacer con los hombres como quisieramos que hicieran con nosotros.

Estoy seguro que la comunidad me necesita más que la prisión

Y que la única amenaza que puedo representar es a sus trabajos

Porque mi misión es ayudar a nuestra juventud a salir de las calles.

Asi que tire la piedra contra mi él que de ustedes este limpio de errores



Threat to Society

By Y.A.

The government says that I’m a threat

But I’d like to know what goes through their minds

Why do they want to incarcerate me forever with no chance of going home?

When nobody is perfect and we all have sinned

When we have all made bad decisions in our youth

Why do they judge me with lies and false accusations?

Or leaving many afflictions on my soul

Why 3 or 4 people are the community that seeks my life in a tribunal, but 30 or 40 times that in number are the people who want my liberty.

Because in their minds they only want to devour me like a lion

Urgently devours its prey without giving it a chance,

In the land of opportunity, where is my opportunity?

To demonstrate that many things have changed in my life.

If you are the good ones in the movie as they say

Exiling the people to prison forever

Or leaving a mother without her son when she needs him the most

Or a boy or girl without their father so they continue the same cycle of looking for love in the streets

It’s true that everyone pays for their mistakes and needs correction

But why don’t they realize that when the person has stopped

The correction has touched their lives

And it’s not necessary for their life to end in jail.

So where are the opportunities?

But a day will come when all of us are in front of the white throne

And we need an opportunity and those who give opportunities will get an opportunity

But those who refuse them will be refused

For that it’s a good option to do unto others as we wish them to do unto us

I’m sure that the community needs me more than the prison

And that the only threat I can represent is to their jobs

Because my mission is to help youth get out of the streets.

So he among you who is clean of mistakes may cast a stone against me.