I Am

Collaborative Poem By MS and MK

I am a human being
I was judged but never got to be heard
I hope for better days
I fear losing this every day fight I’m in in with the hard knock life
I love to hear the bird chirp smell of grass and the sight of the free world
I dream of making a change that could benefit me and everyone who’s to come after
I wish to move on with my life
I laugh to keep from crying
I cry to keep from dying inside

In My Lifetime

By M.B.

In my lifetime I hope to see

Me as an old person

With my gray hair and old skin.

I hope to be a part of catching

A UFO without letting it get away

So the U.S.A. can show the world

What is inside of it.

I Sleep, I Dream, Without a Physical Movement

By N.H.



ascend up into the atmosphere of wisdom

while the radiation of its light causes us to unfold into

our perfection as a caterpillar unfold from its incubation period

into a butterfly so yes it is we who

can also fly above and leave our rambunctious ways

to pass away.


            I stand behind the podium uplifting the minds of the benighted, speaking righteousness, putting a smile on those who are depressed, motivating the

fools to think wisely.  Yes it is possible so let’s not

become a failure, instead a triumph.


We dwell in peace among each other, we sing, dance,

and love one another as a family, we all have a heart that is huge, huge enough to keep everyone of

us afloat just like the constellation that float among us at night, we are the inspiration out of own

generation, the ineluctable light that emanates the

world to its fullest creation and the torchbearer of

civilization so yes it is we who can make this dream

come true and be what we are created to be.

Don’t Listen To Them

By D.A.


In this world where negativity happens to play a role in your life

Keep your focus on the things that’s good

When someone approaches you with words that are not nice

If you have an ambition to go after a goal that you think you can achieve

Set your goal and you must believe

Keep your mind positive because you are what you think

And know that you can leave a legacy

That can stain like a pen when it releases ink

They say a positive mind is contagious

So why not spread the disease

And know you can become whatever you want to be in life

All you have to do is believe.

Cambio es Posible

I always used to say I walked alone
while I was above the influence
I always used to say “No me vale nada”
when I used to do anything
Now I always say I’m walking with a guardian angel
In the presence of god
Now I say I’m sorry for the dumb mistakes
I did while I was out there
And now once I touch down
I can accomplish my lifelong goal
And become a businessman