Some Day I’m Gonna


Someday I’m gonna
learn new things.
How to play the piano
and how to sing.
Someday I’m gonna
write a book
or a love song
with a jazzy hook.
Someday I’m gonna
start to work out
watch my weight
and walk about.
Someday I’m gonna
make new friends
contact old ones
tie up loose ends.
Someday I’m gonna
spend more time
with my family
just me and mine.
Someday I’m gonna
stop saying
Someday I’m gonna
and just do it.

New Life


I’m a changed man, with this New Life
AIM for success
I finally got it right
All the drugs and stuff
Those are old habits
Negative people, you can have it
Healthy living, that’s all me
I’m shining bright like a diamond
Can’t you see?
I feel like a newborn baby
It feels lovely to breathe New Life
My REENTRY into the outside world won’t be much of a fight
Living Life
I’m just living life
Come join me in this New Life
My changed ways was for the better
AIMING for success
I won’t rest until I reach it
I know my new way of living
Will make my loved ones proud
It’s my new certificate of completion
My New Life
I’ll just sit back

If I Knew Then…


If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have been involved in a life of crime. The fast money I made when I was a teen wound up being very, very slow money at the end, because the wages you make in jail are slave wages.  Read More

It’s Never Too Late


It’s never too late change.
It’s never too late to finish school.
It’s never too late to turn your back.
It’s never too late to achieve.
It’s never too late to fight.



I am running from my past
Because that life is too fast
I am running like a mad man
When I look over my shoulder, I see darkness
I feel like I’m running but still in the same spot
If I run fast enough
I might get to my destination

I am running from my fears
Because I’m scared to face them
I am running like a chicken with no head
When I look over my shoulder
I see my fears are gettin’ closer
If I run fast enough
I might make it to my goal
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