My Friend

By D.F.


One day me and my friend was walking to the store,

And he got shot

And died on his B-day.

I miss him so much

Sometimes I wish I was with him

But I know everything is okay

And I’m going to be okay.

Una Amistad / A Friendship

By L.V.


Una amistad como la que tú me ofreces

Es difícil de encontrar,

Reconoceré que me gustas

Y me gustaría que tú en mi confiaras.

Tal vez pienses que estoy loco

Pero no dejo de pensar en ti ni un poco

Déjame demostrarte que mis sentimientos son sinceros,

Déjame conocerte ya verás que soy verdadero.

Una amistad como la tuya es con la que yo siempre esperé,

La espera ha terminado

Tú estás de mi lado

Es algo extraño como mis pensamientos son controlados por ti.





A friendship like the one you offer me

Is difficult to find,

I’ll admit that I like you

And I’d like for you to trust me.

Maybe you think I’m crazy

But I don’t stop thinking about you, not even a little

Let me show you that my feelings are sincere,

Let me get to know you and you will see that I’m true.

A friendship like yours is what I’ve always waited for,

The wait has ended

You are at my side

It’s strange how my thoughts are controlled by you.