The noise is deafening.
My heart pounding in my chest,
Louder than the sound of the plane’s engines.
Excitement, anxiety, longing is excruciating.
People all around me: so close, yet so far.
A sound came and added the excruciating wait
Announcing, “We will shortly depart. Fasten in your seat.”
This flight is not just my freedom flight.
This flight has taken me home.

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Fire and Ice

By AW Never shall I die in prison as my dad died in 1999 Fire and wind of the sky Fire and ice of my soul Stirring within my heart…

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Forgotten Wings

By MS Forgotten wings Disused & abandoned Tricked self into believing that you (we) couldn’t fly World weary… head heavy Barely sleeping Fitfully resting my eyes Dazed Does this pass…

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