If you could rewind time what would you do different
Would you have gathered the tools in life to influence and make a difference?
Would you have listened?
Would you have made better decisions?
Would you have surrounded yourself with people
Who had better intentions?
Would you finish school, get a job, and make an honorable living?
Or would you have jumped off the porch
To be the average statistic?
Would you cherish your friendships?
Or be more careful and distant?
Would you have been humble though affliction
And find strength in religion?
Would you have disobeyed the code, just to get out of prison?
Ask yourself would you have strived
To aid your brother and sisters?
Or would you still be on the corner selling drugs for a living?
Even though you know the consequences creates a conviction.
These questions I’ve asked myself are now for those who listen
If you could rewind time what would you do different?
Would you change who you are? Would you paint a different picture?
Would you follow the same path or put sights on a different vision?
If you could rewind time what would you do different?
Would you have loved the ones you didn’t?
Or make love a distant feeling?
And although I feel like life is pre-written
My question remains consistent
If you could rewind time what would you do different?

New Home


I finally made it here, as sweat fills my hands.
There’re cuffs on my wrist, ankle & a chain wrapped around
my belly, man.

I look around on the bus, as it pulls through the steel gate.
Most of the guys are anxious & just can’t seem to wait.

Me, I wish the bus would sit right here & never enter,
I began also to think to myself, why did I pull that trigger?

Well it’s too late to think of the past—My only…
choice is to live here & survive like a man.

Whatever that is, I really don’t know.
I’ve heard so many stories on how things could go.

I’m in a bad position as it all sinks in.
But, maybe I can turn this negative into a positive.

I’m 19 with 10 years, here to grow.
If I practice on bad behaviors, it will only make things go slow.

As I stepped off the bus in this, new world of life,
I need to make a decision to carry books or a knife?

They process me in, after they remove all the iron
And my body feels so drained, weary, and tired

Each man got towel, blanket, sheets, and a mattress as well.
And was taken to our New Homes which now was a prison cell.

As I entered my unit I became very aware, for
it seemed every pair of eyes turned to me and stared.

#127 was my cell number, I stepped inside
to make up my bed, for my first night here of slumber.

I laid in bed to free my mind for this mental fight,
which I knew would last the next 10 years of my life.

To Make a Decision


The fire in his eyes show the ambition and hunger
While his deathly silence will make you wonder
Never had you seen a young man so calm and poised
When you are used to the youngsters disturbing the peace making noise

By his demeanor you can tell he’s on a mission
A mental one, not a violent one. Man, pay attention.
He know that he must do this right
If not then it may cost him his life

To be loyal or to be smart
Loyalty is a must though—It’s in his heart
“So what’s up man, are you going to help us jack this car or what?
You know if you don’t go you don’t get a cut!”

He thought of his struggling mother who had warned him of them
And what it will do to her if something happened to him
“Naw man, I can’t go. My mom is looking out the window”
He lied, and lift quickly picking up the tempo

A couple hours later at home listening to his radio
Breaking news coming at you live at Club Indigo
3 young men got shot to death trying to jack a car
They tried but they did not get too far

“So what are you going to do,” they asked,
Snapping him out of his vision
“No!” He said with precise conviction
Because in the end he knew that he made a wise decision!



See ma I was thinking

How I been in trouble so many times

‘N you was there

I wish I can take back them times

‘N show you I care

Not just by staying out of trouble

But education-wise

I just want to show you

The next time I will shine!

$$ Money $$


Money… money… money…

It’s what everyone out to get!

Drug dealers, prostitutes, police, people want it, illegal or legit.

It’ll have you doing things you’ll regret you did,

Stabbing, robbing, shooting everything above,

But in the end, it’s actually showing you no luv.

Think about it! Its nothing but paper with a dead president

And believe me, dying and going to jail for something that’s nothing but debt

Is not worth it!
So don’t listen to 50 Cent’s, “Get Rich or Die Trying” quote!

Because it will have you worshipping it as a GOD

With blind faith and material hope

So don’t let it stress you out, drive you crazy, or go out of your normal ways

Because at the end your gonna be judged on what you did to get it here on your earthly days.

Okay, yeah you need it no doubt dat’s true

To survive and live comfortable, and to get things necessary for you

There are people who’ve accumulated too much of it

Looking down on people belittling them and that’s not right.

Who are you to judge? You’re not the all knower.

You’re the child of Adam, so you’ve also taken’ a bite.

People even occupy Wall Street, just to go on strike

Until the police comes and tellem’ to take a hike

Money… money… money…

It’s like you’ve stabbed the entire globe with a long razor sharp knife

But before you killem’ let everyone know that

“you CAN’T take MONEY to the AFTERLIFE”

This poem is for people who think about money 24/7 .  I just want people to know don’t let your whole life be about getting money.  You will totally miss out on life’s lesson and not be happy about living, just stressed over paper.  I want people to know dat money is not everything, you think it is.  Don’t worship money, let it worship itself.