My Life

By BP 

 My life
 Living it bad and doing it wrong
 I need a change just like that poor man on the street
 In and out this life
 It’s like a wish
 I wish and I wish for a change
 Losing my friends and family
 For that change I wish and I wish
 I can change
 Seeing my mother cry
 And losing me and my life
 And mama losing me
 That change
 That change
 Got that change



I knew he would die
But not wit a gun
On dah corner wit us
Just having fun
Loved by all
Except for one
He was shot
And now it was done
RIP Donte

Live or Die Hard (Bury Me With Stripes On My Heart)


If I am still living past 30
I beat the battle of the system we live by
If I don’t make it
I am going 2 die hard 4 trying
Every day we fight 4 freedom of speech
Or something important in our life today
So I am going 2 stand up 4 what’s right
And what I believe is right
Now and in the future
I just want 2 live free
With no stress in the world
If I can’t live in peace
Then bury me with stripes
On my heart and soul 4 life
When somebody look me up
At least they can say
He didn’t go 4 nothing
While he was alive

This Superstitious Relationship

By D.W.

I can’t understand why, but I love you

You show me signs on every corner

But still I adore

My relationship at this point, has fallen out the door

It’s this unconditional satisfaction you bring me with joy

I wanna understand more

Should I call you sweetheart or my sweet mistress?

I love the high yellowish streaks with the touch of black

You should be concrete the way you got me going so hard

My girlfriend and family don’t want to understand

My reasons of being with you

So they pray for me

Like a junkie for some crack, I find myself going back

Unable to live without you

Is it the way the lights glow on us?

You got me hypnotized

But should I desire your presence?

And lose my girlfriend and family

I find myself superstitious in love

So deeply in love

The fame equals pain

The name equals hate

The life equals death

Are we blind to the facts?

She sees us ball

She sees us fall

You can call her “The Streets”

Our down fall

My Friend

By D.F.


One day me and my friend was walking to the store,

And he got shot

And died on his B-day.

I miss him so much

Sometimes I wish I was with him

But I know everything is okay

And I’m going to be okay.