Lost Child


Motivated and inspired by Native Son by Richard Wright

Lost in this jungle that they call a world
Sometimes, I walk in this jungle like no one else is there
I feel like a scared little child
Running and hiding from my deepest fear
Sometimes I cry and wake up in a cold sweat
Wishing people can see what I’ve just seen
I tried to tell people, but all they say is
Boy, you are a lost child, and that was just a bad dream!
So now I’m wondering, is it just me or everybody else?
Is my vision that blurry that no one else can see?
Because they seem so far, far away
Like the birds flying on top of the sea



Drowning not from water but from thought.

Can’t stop thinking, can’t stop from deep thought.

Sometimes I think too hard and make the situation worse

Sometimes I think so much,

the thing I started thinking about I forget what it is.

Like I can be thinking about bananas, but can be talking about my ears.

Trying to stay on subject but I’m thinking too much

 So this poem I will leave incomplete,

But really…who cares!

What Happened?

Today is yesterday
And I still haven’t woke up
So tomorrow is today’s night
And the day after, after tomorrow
Will be today
And I still haven’t woke up
Ten minutes ago was an hour
And an hour ago was 30 minutes ago
But 62 seconds ago was last night
And I still haven’t woke up
Did the sun rise?
Did the sun set?
Did last night happen?
Why won’t my eyes open?
Okay wait…
If yesterday was January 28th
But when I went to sleep it was May 7th
And today is August 21st
That only can mean one thing…
This morning was the day it all happened
So the plane didn’t land
The funeral was today
The plug is still in the outlet and the TV is off
The bathroom light is on
So what happened?