What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up Part 2


When I grow up I wanna
be strong like a cup

Hold everything up
and never gets enough

Built Ford tough and
can take all of its weights

Section off like a plate
Looking for the utensils
after grace

Just like Cookie for Santa’s
plate, Oreos & milk,
Never stays in its place

So keep a smile on your face,
cause what u wanna be,
when you grow up it’s
Never an End to this Race

Stand Up


Stand up because if not God no one should you be bowing to!
We all have one mind so no one should be thinking for you
I said stand up! Don’t let no one break your spirits
Stand up, because don’t think no one else is going to stand up for you!
Speak your mind; don’t be a copy cat like a parrot
Stand up! don’t fold; don’t bend; this is not origami
Stand up! don’t give up; if you want to cry go, to your mommie
Stand up! you are your own person; you are your own army