They Don’t Hear Me

The sound of my mother’s voice
“J.R. you are not dumb,
just pay attention”
as I sit staring at the math problems
the tutor has in front of me

but they don’t hear me

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My Free Minds Family

By AW People encouraging people to frolic with ideas, to take up causes with themselves in grasping the choices they made to be happy or sad: Self-determination. Abyss of self, pulling in an effort of self-discovery, people encouraging people to touch the fullness of their heart, minds and soul via reading and writing: Communication. My Free Minds Family…

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Pen-Spilled Emotions

By JC As my pen spills an emotion I don’t know if I’m physically Able to verbalize the words that are written on my heart They are caught because I don’t want to release them With ill intentions, but knowing the truth sometimes hurts And knowing what these words may cause, I seek the best…

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Feel My Pain

By DP Too young to communicate what’s going through my brain My lips move, but words, they never seem to escape Am I f****d up? Or am I just too young to communicate my pain? My pops isn’t the blame! As a child, I was just too ashamed to share my pain I’m all grown…

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Word Journey

By MH If emotions take over from its want to speak their piece, the body will follow and let the message come out now here, lip service can die or travel by word of mouth the answer lies between words coasting thru ears and comprehension making the sounds worthwhile seems like talk is either gossip…

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