civil rights


George, Malcolm, & Che

Have been my guiding light
As my world turns.

Sitting in the same cages
They sat in before me
Reading the words they left

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To Belong Is To Be

I’m cut from what James Farmer built.
Congress, what are you forgetting about CORE?
If I belong to what made William Garrison,
Why is the next candidate in a seat not
Fully reforming?

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John Lewis

I remember when I met you in 2001; when you spoke at my high school in D.C.
At the time, you told us “good trouble” was your motto
And what you stood for was equality for all people
Listening to you, I was inspired and sought to learn more
About you, but never forgot the day I got to shake your hand
The trouble I engaged in wasn’t good and sent me away
But I always remember your speech at my school

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Here Again

By LC I think I’ve been here before Belly chains and ankle shackles Stacked on top of each other I just ate where I defecate Is this 2016? Or a…

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The Difference Between Dr. King And Me

By SH I don’t believe this is the dream Dr. King had for me Somewhere along the timeline, my decisions rewrote history My choices had voices Those senseless noises shoulda…

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