To My Youths


Don’t let my action be your consequences
Don’t let my lie be your truth
Don’t let my ways be your path 
Don’t let my likes be your loves

Don’t let my past be your future 
Don’t let my knowledge stop your knowledge from growing
Let my past be your ambition to do better
Because at the end of the day your choices
Will be the outcome of your future which
Is the youths after you


Please educate Allah’s children everyday

To Make a Decision


The fire in his eyes show the ambition and hunger
While his deathly silence will make you wonder
Never had you seen a young man so calm and poised
When you are used to the youngsters disturbing the peace making noise

By his demeanor you can tell he’s on a mission
A mental one, not a violent one. Man, pay attention.
He know that he must do this right
If not then it may cost him his life

To be loyal or to be smart
Loyalty is a must though—It’s in his heart
“So what’s up man, are you going to help us jack this car or what?
You know if you don’t go you don’t get a cut!”

He thought of his struggling mother who had warned him of them
And what it will do to her if something happened to him
“Naw man, I can’t go. My mom is looking out the window”
He lied, and lift quickly picking up the tempo

A couple hours later at home listening to his radio
Breaking news coming at you live at Club Indigo
3 young men got shot to death trying to jack a car
They tried but they did not get too far

“So what are you going to do,” they asked,
Snapping him out of his vision
“No!” He said with precise conviction
Because in the end he knew that he made a wise decision!