Change in the Air

 By IS

 I can feel a change in the air
 A change that isn’t fair
 Taking something that I love so much
 My pride and my honor that can never be touched 
 Change could be a good thing
 Or change could be tough
 It can leave you wondering
 Wondering if it’s enough
 Are you changing for yourself
 Or changing for someone else?
 Never will I change to impress
 But sometimes change happens for the best
 Changing your mindset in order to progress

Drug Free at Last


Mind, body, and soul still you uphold

From the toxins that had you controlled

Because of your blinded eyes

They appeared as gold

Many days you said you would leave that road

But for many times under pressure you had fold

But now that’s no more load for you to hold

And when I say drug free I’m bold

Yes I because now I’m me

And as strong as I can be

But never looking down at those lower than me

And only looking higher for more to achieve

So when you look at me only believe

That my old habits finally let go of me

And know thanks to God

I’m Drug Free At Last