Searching While Lost


Lost in a world I didn’t ask to be brought into.

Lost…confused…who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Wandering with the look of nothing on my face, because I know nothing of myself.

Confused because I am lost and lost because I am confused.

The questions I need answered I don’t get an answer, I barely get clues.

Searching for myself and got lost in the process.

Searching for myself in a world I am lost in.

Searching … lost… confused, I have no clue where to begin.

Lost… lost in this world but maybe I’ll be guided in the end.

Lost but still searching, I want to know myself within.

Curiosity and determination will fuel me until the end.

Lost in a world I didn’t ask to be brought into,

but live I will with a grin!

Ruined At Birth

By A.G.


    From the day I was born

                             To walk, running across the street

                        To the sound of my name being called

Almost got hit by the 96 bus


     From the day I could talk

              Scared to ask questions

         Because I didn’t want to feel

    The belt against my butt


    From the first day I cried

    But no one cared

So I wished I was dead


               From this day on no longer weak

                      But strong, mature and ready

    To be a changed man and

                   Not that immature little boy

Born Ruined

I’m Young But I’m Old

I’m young, but old
I’ve seen more personality than slave ships
Just call me “Incognito”
My words are so pure they touch lost souls
I’m deep down in your bones, like marrow
I’m the lost voice that cried out for help through poetry
W.E.B. Dubois said that words are power
No more being “deprived,” I’m here!
“Despair,” I made it
So many trials and tribulations, I can’t let go
You call this “redemption”
No one sees my struggle for success
So I believe and try my best
I walk lightly, but…
I’m digging for knowledge like an archaeologist
Time is short, so life is fast
Life is hard, so death is easy
I’m young, but old
I’ve seen this world once before my last
I hope no one heard that
The lights are dim and the time is near
Some one…let these words open their ear
I’ve paid attention for years
Now it’s time for attention to pay me
My soul is old
But my heart is new
I’m looking for the lost youth
I’m young, but old


Bright lights, new voices
The smell of fresh oxygen
1987 I was born naked, wet and slimy
Crying out, “Why have you confined me?”
Off in this world, where they judge you the most
Faced with so many trials and tribulations
Two years old and still on the breast
It’s a struggle for serving
So Mama tries her best
At the age of 15, I join the rest
Reckless and dangerous
With the mind that this is how you make it
Another Black statistic from 15 to 24
They said I’d never succeed
So they labeled me to the streets
Never will I leave the streets
I’m the key for the lost to succeed
Just bear with me
Since the day I asked, “Why have you confined me?

The word “Born” must I take you
Brothers, Oppress, Return, Neglect
Not this young intelligent, smart, powerful brother
Believe, Opportunities, Repel, Negativity