Poet Ambassador, Peer Supporter, and Thrive Under 25 Advocacy Chair

James T. Dunn first joined Free Minds in 2019. After 30 years of incarceration, he was released through DC’s Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act, which allows young people charged as adults with extreme sentences a chance for resentencing. While incarcerated, James was recognized as having numerous programs dedicated to mentoring others in financial literacy. He credits Free Minds as a major help during reentry, and in March 2022, James graduated from our Peer Support Program to assist other members as they navigate those challenges. He has a passion for education, emphasizing the importance of reading and financial knowledge in reducing recidivism and breaking the cycle of mass incarceration. In 2023, he was selected as the next Congressman John Lewis Fellow for Free Minds, through which he strives to carry on his work towards positive change for those who follow. James continues to be an integral part of his community as an advocate, youth mentor, educator, advisor, and leader.