Forgiving Myself


At times I wonder if I can really forgive myself for all the bad things I’ve done! Then I ask myself, why not? If I don’t start with my own self, who’s going to do it for me first.

My past self would say damn I was right. If I shouldn’t start forgiving myself, how could I do it for somebody else.

I want the courage to tell all the ones, that one day considered me as an enemy, that I have forgiven you all for all those things that once you did to me.

When I look up I see the sky and the clouds but far away, I can see God of me has been proud.

Inside my heart, I hear my stress has been released.

My heart desires to forgive everybody, to forgive myself.

My circumstances at this moment are not the best, but I keep going without falling.

Forgiveness is wealth like nothing in the world.

That’s why I love myself.

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