Forgiving Myself


At times I wonder, can I forgive myself?
My past self would say, “If not you who else?”
I want the courage to make vulnerable my heart


When I look up I see neither sun or moon, only the dark
Inside my heart I hear screams of sorrow and pain
My heart desires the comfort of the rain


My circumstances blotch my skin with stain
Forgiveness is wealth that inspires spiritual health
So my sickness makes hard to say, “I love myself.”


  1. kassidilenae says


    Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourselves. Our past can be all consuming. Keep working on your self love; you are worthy of forgiveness and a bright future.

    Keep Writing!

  2. I like your poem. Its about a very moving topic, and I liked the structure you used. Good job and keep writing!

  3. Amy Beaupre says

    Wow, TG, this is such a powerful poem. I can really feel the anguish you are expressing. I love the line “My heart desires the comfort of the rain.” I think we all struggle to forgive ourselves at many points in our lives. I hope that through your writing you do find the path to loving yourself. You are a talented poet!

  4. Emmaley Silva says

    TG, The rhythm you created with these line breaks and the “BUT” sounded so good, especially read out loud. The “BUT” created a kind of sharp, stopping sound, like taking a deep breath in or holding your breath. The other part of the poem I liked the best was: “Forgiveness is wealth that inspires spiritual health.” That is such a good line with so much insight…Self-love and forgiveness is an everyday job, and requires constant work. I know I’m working on it myself. Thank you for making me think this morning and inspiring me to go write a poem. Blessings and love to you.

  5. This poem is very impactful. The breaks in between this piece give your story hard pauses, giving the reader a moment to reflect and feel the impact of these moments of sorrow to encouragement, back to sorrow. It is as if you bring the reader into a dark place, show them light, and take the light away again. It is truly telling of an internal struggle. If this poem is coming from a personal place for you, I would hope that you follow those moments of light and say that “I love myself.” Sometimes that darkest tunnels lead to the most beautiful vistas.

  6. Jaycee Silva says

    I hope that you can forgive yourself. You are worthy of forgiveness.

  7. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. None of this is your fault.

  8. B Billups says

    I love the imagery in this poem. There is just a clear feeling of wanting to break free and move forward with you life but the overbearing weight of feeling trapped with your past decisions and that they won’t let you move on. I think your last stanza “my circumstances…myself” is super powerful. I love the comparison of forgiveness to a sort of currency. It not spoken often enough that forgiveness is a privilege unfairly given; not many people realize that the way we forgive others trespasses is tied to cultural consciousness and systemic racism in this country.

  9. This is really beautifully written. My favorite line is “My heart desires the comfort of the rain” – something about that speaks sadness but it’s also soothing. Thank you for sharing your poetry, keep up the good work!

  10. I really enjoyed reading this poem. I can really feel the emotion that this poem holds and reflects possible past experiences. This poem seems to always have a “but” in between stanzas. Those are the setbacks that you have in your life but I think that you could find some sort of forgiveness within to forgive yourself. I think that this poem is good and has a strong message. I believe that you can work to find room in yourself to in the end to love yourself. It might be hard but there is nothing you can’t do in life. Keep up the great poetry writing!

  11. TG first and foremost thank you for sharing, this is in a way is making yourself vulnerable which in time leads to loving yourself. I understand what you feel and completely get why it so difficult to forgive yourself for your past actions. Know you are not the same person and you have the potential to be better person and be best version yourself that will not only allow you to love yourself but others too. One day you can share your past to others to help them avoid a familiar pain you are feeling right now. You are not your past TG.

  12. Your words resonate with anyone who feels vulnerable and who is in doubt. I hope someday in the near future you can truthfully say that you love yourself and forgive yourself.

  13. I like how the poem is split into three different stanzas. The use of the word “but” makes your poem sound like it’s transitioning just like the steps of healing. Personally, I’ve felt the same way when I had to forgive myself. I questioned if I was worthy of forgiving myself for my mistakes. My favorite line in the poem is “Forgiveness is wealth that inspires spiritual health.” The reason why I like this line is because it rhymes and uses a metaphor to compare forgiveness to wealth. Overall, the poem sounds like a narrative and has a good message. You’re good at using metaphors and maybe you could incorporate more metaphors in your future poems.

  14. This is a very heartfelt and well-written poem! You used a lot of powerful, emotional words in your poem; some that stood out to me are: vulnerable, screams, spiritual health. I also loved the way you structured the three stanzas each separated by a simple “But”. I enjoyed reading!

  15. This was a beautiful poem! It has emotions and heartbreak. It is hard to forgive ourselves all we have to do is work hard to get to that point of forgiveness! Keep on writing!!!

  16. Martina Merrill says

    This poem truly spoke to me, I feel as though everyone in life has gone through something that they struggle to forgive themselves for, I know personally I have many things in my life I have had to learn to forgive myself for. I also resonant with the message of learning to love yourself, who else will love us if we cannot love ourselves. This poem is not only a beautiful message of learning to forgive ourselves, but empowering us to do better from our mistakes. Thank you for the reminder that we need to be kinder and more loving to ourselves. Continue to write, your words have power and can change a life. You are a blessing in this world no matter your past.

  17. Tg. Amazing poem! Talking about your spiritual wellness and how it getting better is awesome.

  18. This poem has a very strong message behind it. I think some people probably relate to this message a lot, and can find inspiration out of it. Very well written!

  19. Sabryn Ferchichi says


    This was really an inspirational read. It encapsulates one’s mental health and the internal battles of forgiving oneself. It’s not easy at all because with other people we can walk away when they disappoint us, but when we disappoint ourselves we are stuck with our mind and that’s why self love is so important! This was incredibly relatable because I too struggle with accepting myself and treating myself better, but it’s hard with “sickness” as you say whether metaphorical or with mental illness. The repeating “but” shows you still want to try.

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