Never have I witnessed something so horrific
A pandemic! World crisis! Coronavirus!
It struck so suddenly, moved so rapidly
A catastrophe!

Death tolls are beyond anything imaginable
How did so many die before it was taken seriously?
Now we have “somewhat” prevention
Insistence on practicing social distance

But no vaccine, treatment, or cure
However, our Commander in Chief declared war?
In that case, this must be World War III
And still counting casualties

It has to be, something more we can do to calm us
Because this “pandemic” has caused pandemonium among us
Frantically panicking, our first preservation is self
So we are racing impatiently to clean out every shelf

Worried about bills, but don’t have a clean bill of health
And this virus is collecting on any past debts

Am I getting through yet?

Simple cause and effect, they neglect the cause of death
But focus more on the cost of the threat
Now we enter the realm of economics, politics at its best

But from a worldwide view, it just looks like a big mess
Now, how can we fix that?!
When the fear of going broke is greater than the fear of dying
When losing your job is greater than losing your life

In spite of the incompetence of our leaders
We will defeat this COVID-19

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