Comfort Zone


I cannot roam outside of my comfort zone
For I’m only comfortable within my skin
See, being lock down in a pen creates a new set of rules when it comes to comfort
For about 20 years now, my comfort zone’s been inside my dome
Only in my mind can I seek to stay in bounds
You know, the realm of true comfort lies in sanity
Anything outside of that is “INSANITY!”
I can only hold on to what’s in my head
Only to realize that I’m holding on by a thread
They try to force me out of my comfort zone
But I can side step with the best of them
As long as I keep my head in the game
I’ll always be ahead in the game
My comfort zone cannot be breached
It is guarded by the strongest of walls
Though I’m trapped behind the tallest of walls
I remain in my zone
And I find solace in my dome
You can create the most uncomfortable circumstances
And I’ll remain standing…in the zone of my comfort
Because my comfort zone is in my dome!

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