Changing Ways


No New Year’s resolution for me

No crying decree
No promises, just average changes

Less time stressing

More time working out
Less time talking
More time learning

Not so many haters
A few more friends
Not so much sadness
A little more happiness

Less weakness
More strength
Less Sleeping
More thinking

Change after all…is good
Change after all
Is all I know



  1. VB-

    I love the stanzas where you say, “No crying decree/No promises, just average changes
    Less time stressing/More time working out/Less time talking/More time learning.” It is so simple yet it really gets your point across about moving forward and change without setting goals or meaning to, or ‘setting new years resolutions’ as you put it.

    I like this idea of change being something that just happens on its own sometimes, naturally, without one necessarily thinking about it or trying to enact change, especially self-change.

    The fact that you end saying “Change after all/ Is all I know” so perfectly encapsulates this idea. And it takes what seems at first like a positive idea, changing or reforming yourself, also seem sad. In the sense that, change is unavoidable and that can be a good thing, helping one to grow and mature, but also a sad thing in that everything is temporary and nothing is permanent.

    At least this too is temporary, and this too shall pass. Hopefully, you’re writing isn’t temporary.


  2. Rachael Sandri says:


    I admire that your poem tackles big things with baby steps. Right away, you hooked me with the truth: you are far more likely to live up to your expectations when you set realistic goals. I enjoy that the lines of your poem are simple, clear, and short. It enhances your message for me.

    Thank you for sharing your poem. You have a beautiful message, and you shared it with grace. Please keep writing. I’d love to read more.

    Your fan,


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