The Computer


I was given this computer when I was born
And I think it’s crashed
This computer contained
Everything about my past
I turned it off then tuned it on
And still getting a blank screen
There’s no internet on this computer
Just the things I’ve seen  Read More

A Mind of My Own

By MC and DJ

I’m walkin’ down this road lost and alone
But 1 day I know Ima be a king with a throne
Miles and miles later I’ll find my way home
As I walk down this road I realized this road is long
I’m tired of being a puppet, I have a mind of my own
I want to shine bright as a star
I want a big house and a fast car Read More

My City, Our City


My city, my city
Not my city, but our city has become theirs
Can’t figure out why the rich can’t share
My city
Our city has become full
Torn between the two
Wealthy n’ poor
My city, our city, when will it change
Been saving pennies since I was wearing pennies
Waiting on a list that stays the same Read More

No Life to Live


I walk around feeling lifeless,
Feeling like I have no life to live
Talk out my neck and see out my ears
The road ahead is a blur
So I can’t find my way
I feel so busy without the time of day
I walk on fire and sleep in snow
I’m living fast but moving slow
My heart and mind is full of rainy days
And blocked paths Read More

Hold Up, Just Wait!


I am running from the fast life
Because I want to see a change
I am running like a speed boat
When I look over my shoulder
I see somebody hating
Telling me I am nothing
They don’t want to see me shine
I be maxin’ out
But I still know that I’m gonna be something in life
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