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Anthony’s Story

“The journals you all gave us changed everything for me.  There was just so much that I needed to get off of my chest.  Things I wanted to say, but didn’t know how before I joined Free Minds.”

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Free Minds members with event organizers

My Introduction to Free Minds

By JoAnne Allen

A book is a small thing to share with somebody. Yet a book can lead to big changes in the life of someone who receives it. I’ve always known that. But on a recent Saturday I was reminded of the power of books to transform and connect us to the world beyond our homes and neighborhoods. Seeing that concept played out in real lives at a VFW Hall in Takoma Park was awe-inspiring.Read More

Eddie OTSP

Poet Ambassadors Bringing Confidence, Inspiration

By Free Minds Intern Maddie Mitchell

As an intern who has heard extensive positive feedback about Free Minds’ various initiatives but has never actually seen any of them in action, I was very excited to attend an On the Same Page session this summer, along with a group of about 25 high school students from North Carolina. Read More

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“I loved going to the book club, I didn’t have to be tough and aggressive, I could just be me…that helped me to embrace who I am and accept it.”

– Jonas, Age 23