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“To tell you the truth, I expected to get locked up.  My friends and I knew that one of two things was going to happen to us.  We were going to prison or we were going to be killed.  We accepted that.  It was part of the life we were living and it’s all we saw in our community.  And here’s what’s crazy: we were content with it.  Well, I’m not content with it now!” says Robert, 24.

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Juan and Professor Johnson

BleakHouse Awards Ceremony: A chance to hear a different point of view

By Jess Lawson, Free Minds intern

On Thursday, March 26, students, poets, professors, and social justice advocates alike gathered for a night of celebration and acknowledgement. BleakHouse Publishing hosted its annual awards ceremony at American University (AU) to honor poets and contributors to the online BleakHouse Review.  Read More

Group celebration

February Apprenticeship Program Graduates Six Free Minds Members

By Jess Lawson, Free Minds intern

Congratulations to Anthony, David M., David T., Josh, Ricardo, and Tavon, who recently graduated from the Free Minds Job Readiness and Life Skills Apprenticeship.Read More

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“The books you send show me another world and make me look forward to living a good life when I come home. You changed my way of thinking.”

– DeAngelo, Age 23