Why Is Life Worth Living

Why is life worth living for
When most of the time I’m
stuck behind a door?
Why is life worth living for
when we don’t even get
all of our time on the floor?
All I know is life is worth more
than you can adore…


  1. I really liked this. I love the thoughts here and the way they were put. I always have a lot of difficulty rhyming my poems so I have a huge amount of respect for how well this poem flows but manages to rhyme at the same time. I love how short and sweet it is but it really carries a lot of weight. My one thought, and it’s more of a question, is why the use of the word ‘why’ in the question ‘why is life worth living for’ instead of ‘what’? Somehow the use of the word why made me think more about the question being asked, but another part kept thinking somehow it sounded wrong. I really loved this poem. It was really good and very thought provoking. Thank you for it.

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