Why Do I Hate Love?


Why do I hate Love?
Cause Love don’t have no heart.
Love don’t care about nobody,
and loves to rip you apart.
Love causes pain
Love causes stress
Love is just misery, confusion, and evil
at its best.
Why do I hate Love?
maybe cause Love hates me.
Love been treating me wrong and unkind
Since I was lil babe.
I was born in the 90s
To a mother who always say she Loves me
but her Love was neva true.
To a father I’ve neva seen before
not even once in a blue.
Why do I hate Love?
Cause Love made me look like a fool.
Use and abuse me like some worthless tool.
Love is cruel
and you’ll be the fool if you think it’s nice.
Every time I showed Love
I paid a tremendous price.
Love ain’t s***.
I’m my own witness.
Love did me wrong too many times
and will neva get my forgiveness.
Why do I hate Love?
‘Cause everybody I thought love me
turnt they back on me
especially when they put them
handcuffs and shackles on me.
Nobody will neva love me for me
they will just love me for what I got
and when all that’s gone
then they’ll just love me not.
Why do I hate Love?
Cause Love brought me to tears.
Love makes me show weak emotions
Like desperation and fear.
Love made me feel ways I’ve neva felt.
So I made a promise I’ll neva Love s***
not even myself.
If you choose to Love Love, search for Love, Chase Love
I promise I will neva judge.
But, when Love does you wrong
and it will!!!!
You can always read Why I Hate Love.
But before I go
Let me tell you why I hate Love the most
Cause it turnt me into something I wish I wasn’t
and that’s a young black man with no hope…..


  1. I love how honest and expressive this poem is. I think that the ideas and emotions behind this poem are expressed very clearly and well. It’s a very well written–but sad–poem.

  2. I feel this poem on so many levels. What touched me the most is your closing line “Cause it turnt me into something I wish I wasn’t and that’s a young black man with no hope….” Everyone needs hope to see another day. I hope you have found something to fulfill you since posting this in November.

  3. Wow, TS, this was a true expression of your inner feelings and I felt your pain through your narrative. I agree, love can be painful at times. One of my favorite poets is Kate Tempest, and she says “we all need to love, and be loved, and keep going” in her poem Brand New Ancients. So, to that end, I would encourage you to do the same and “keep going.” I’ll be thinking of you.

  4. Sue Anna Clark says

    I love the cadence and word play of this. “Love loves to…” Lines just flow from one to the next. It screams ‘read me aloud’! And then your last line is a punch. The reader is having fun with all the descriptors/word play of why to hate love, how love goes wrong, and then you remind us of the outcome. Wow.

    The only editorial suggestion I have is adding an ‘a’ before “lil babe”. Will flow better.

    Thanks for sharing this with me! Sue Anna

  5. Missy Degleffetti says

    Dear TS: I hope you see my words in response to your poem. You are EXACTLY the kind of person that I cheer for with all my heart, that I want to see something GOOD happen and you are the first person that I would come up to and want to shake your hand and say, “Well done!” You express yourself so beautifully, and your poem really touched my heart! Makes me want to write again! I have always been an outcast all my life and I have never felt unconditional love from anyone for most of my life up until a couple of years ago. I pray with all my heart that you find the courage to not give up on yourself, because people DO care about you! I don’t even know you and I care about you and people just like you! I pray that you CAN find hope! And please don’t hate yourself because your life matters and you have just as much value as a human being as anyone else does! And don’t let anyone tell you or try to convince yourself otherwise. The world needs you and what you have to offer.

  6. This poem speaks so strongly to me. I feel like I hate love too after reading it! It hurts my heart to see how wronged you feel from a simple word. Your couplets are amazing, and the slant rhyme keeps me on the edge of my seat. Your pain, anger, and confusion in this poem is so strongly worded. I want to hear more about this pain, but I also want to see what else you can write with that pain. Even though the poem is about hurt, something good came from the loss and a sense of love in your life, this poem! A line that really stood out to me in “I’m my own witness.” Every time we experience something, it is never through the eyes of someone else, it is from our perspective. Thank you for sharing this piece, it is beautiful and complex.

  7. Susan Chapin says

    I was flipping through the poems looking for one to reply do and feeling bad because I couldn’t think of anything to say about any fo them and then I got to your poem and it really knocked me over. I still can’t think of the right words because I don’t know very much about poetry but I can tell you this is IT. It has the happy combination of sounding good and sounding right. Thank you for writing this and keep writing–you have a gift and you should use it.

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