We Are Only Human


We as people always make mistakes
Not understanding the consequences until it’s too late
And never thinking about the risks that we make
Until that day comes when it’s too late

We are only human
No one person is perfect
Wishing we can take back what we did
Knowing it wasn’t worth it

Hoping and praying for a second chance at life
And forgiven for something that won’t happen twice
We are only human

Why consider me a monster without even knowing me
Looking at me from my mistake by continuously scolding me
I feel a great deal of remorse for my mistake
But when looking into your eyes all I see is hate
All I see is punishment and the quality is great
We… Are… Only… Human…


  1. I like the repetition of the line “We are only human.” It gathers force from being repeated. I can easily hear the beats in my mind as I read it. The rhymes and half-rhymes really work. One question: What to you mean by “the quality is great”?

  2. I really enjoyed the flow of the words,the rhythm of your poem. It was easy to hear it being read aloud in my head. I would suggest looking at the line that starts “and forgiven.” The rest of the verbs and writing are in the present tense or speak to the future (I don’t know the proper grammar word). Anyway, and forgiven threw me off a little bit as I read it and wondered if I’d skipped something about forgiven for what. I wonder if maybe working in forgiveness instead of the verb forgive might get to what you are trying to express. I hope you get your second chance. Stay strong.

  3. IS – I don’t think you are a monster. It is only human to make mistakes. Humans who feel regret and remorse seem rare these days! I look at you with eyes of love. I hope and pray too, that you have a second chance at life. Luke 15:7

  4. This is an absolutely wonderful poem, IS. You are so good at conveying your thoughts and emotions that I can almost feel what you are going through. Keep up the beautiful work, remain hopeful, and know that my best wishes are with you.

    -D.O. from North Carolina

  5. Mbachur Mbenga says

    Absolutely loving the powerful message behind your great poem.
    Please continue to take your writing skills and use them to take you the highest points!
    My best regards are with you!
    Keep up the good work!


  6. Andre Williams says

    IS, great poem, you have to continue to grow from the mistakes that you have made in your past. You also should prove those individuals, who judge you, wrong.

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