Free me from the beast that holds the minds of many. Free me from that terrifying Roar which lies within me. Though it’s in a cage, it still shows his teeth. Silently waiting to attack those who caused grief. It sweats constantly and beads form around its brow. Yet it never alters only nourishes the thoughts of relieving its hunger like that of a crying child.

Free me from the Beast that turns men into Savages. Free me from a place where every day is tragic. Laws are in place to punish and tame. But evil begets evil, so immorality remains. The walls close in, and the hearts begins to pound. How can one amend, when the soul is broken down.

Free me from the beast that tells these awful tales. Free me from the coffin that’s designed as a cell. Is there such thing as Beauty in the world when all that surrounds the vision is hell? How can one survive with no sense of touch, taste, sight, or smell. If survival is key, life has led me astray. I no longer sleep, I die at the end of each day.

Free me from the Beast that forbids me to mourn. Free me from the screams of those who have long gone. Contemplating with each year that passes by. Suicide is not the first reaction. The inside has already died. No more dreams; no more goals; yes there’s blood in my eyes. Men don’t hold secrets; we secretly past lies.

Free me from the Beast that drains the mind of ambition. Free me from the binary chains of that we call religion. We must have killed God because the prince is winning. When you look at me, can you see my Venom? There are no fangs or peeled off skin but at times I slither. No natural selection, this evolution is richer. Free me from the Beast that I have grown to love. Free me from the home that I no longer think of.


  1. I love this poem so much because it speaks about the inner thoughts and meditations of those that we treat as forgotten. We are all human and affected by the violence of the world.

  2. The imagery and descriptions you use in this piece are so powerful and clear. Please continue to write and create. Your voice is powerful, and needed in this world.

  3. McKenna Gebhardt says

    This is amazing. I am currently in nursing and have seen the effects of COVID firsthand. Please keep up with writing, this is beautiful and inspirational. Great job.

  4. Lisa Joan Reardon says

    This is really powerful. It reflects how painful life is and how difficult to maintain any hope. I’m touched by all of it but especially these lines in the 2nd section: “Laws are in place to punish and tame. But evil begets evil, so immorality remains. The walls close in, and the hearts begins to pound. How can one amend, when the soul is broken down.” Thank you for putting your experience and thoughts into words and for sharing.

  5. GD, I would first like to thank you for sharing your poem. The way you write being able to convey the feelings of passion and emotion is very difficult for many to do so well. Before I continue on I feel it is only right to give myself a little introduction so you know a bit about me and my life. My name is Alec and I am currently a senior in college studying Criminal Justice, and I grew up in a very small town. I read your work multiple times before I started to type this reply. My initial thought after reading this poem was, “Wow, this person has been through a lot.” I feel for you, and I can only imagine how difficult it is at times. That being said, the hellish environment that you described in your poem does not always have to be so bad. Now I don’t know everything about you and I don’t know what your goals in life were, but that feeling of having all your ambition drained can change. You are rich with stories, life lessons, and passion that in and of itself makes you very valuable. Think back to a time that changed your life dramatically. I’m sure you just like me would more than likely go back and fix it if you could. Now think about the people who are entering the same environment as you for maybe the first time. People who slipped up and made a mistake that need a little help getting back on the right path. After reading your poem I feel like you would be an amazing person to talk with those individuals and help them back on the right path using your stories and lessons. Through helping others you might find that passion and ambition again. I wish you well on your journey through life and hope that you are able to find a passion in something. Remember, you are not alone on your journey.

  6. This poem was very interesting to read and it made me reflect heavily. Although, we all come from different backgrounds and live different lives, I think at some point most of us can relate to “the beast”. The beast may look, sound, or even feel different than it would for the next person, that’s what makes your poem unique to you.

  7. I really really like your poem. It has a very powerful message about how society norms affect us, at least that’s what I could gather. The best part about your poem is how you started each stanza with “Free me from the Beast..” then you followed up with what you wanted to be freed from specifically and how that special thing you lost affected you. This format kept me engaged and made what you wanted to say clear.

  8. “But evil begets evil, so immorality remains.” I think this is the strongest line in the poem, or at least it’s the one that stood out to me the most. The symbolism/metaphor of the Beast is also really powerful.

  9. Abigail Cross says

    This was a really powerful poem. I encourage you to keep writing because you are really good at it; it is also a good way to express yourself. I truly wish you all the best.

  10. GD, you have written such a powerful, thought-provoking poem. The way that you’re able to articulate these beasts that you feel is intense and beautiful, and I really hope that you continue to write.

  11. GD,

    This is such a powerful and moving poem. I teared up as I was reading it, thinking of you and what moved you to write these words that carry so much weight and truth and sorrow. You have a really rare gift that I hope you continue to use. The way you make words that don’t seemingly rhyme work together is so powerful and impressive, like “many / within me” and “savages / tragic.” I felt like I could hear you speaking or reading it aloud and your words carry far beyond where you are. I also found your repetition of the title to be really effective in relaying the theme of the poem, and such a heavy, heavy sadness. These lines, in particular evoke so much feeling: “Free me from the coffin that’s designed as a cell. Is there such thing as Beauty in the world when all that surrounds the vision is hell? How can one survive with no sense of touch, taste, sight, or smell.” I hated thinking about your resignation, when you still have so much to live for and share with others. I hope you continue to share these words and your talents with others. There is no doubt you have a gift.

    -Caity, Washington D.C.

  12. Andrea Nelson says

    I was really moved by your poem. I have no experience with prison, so I can’t imagine what you’re going through. However, your poem gave me an idea of what it’s like, and I respect that you didn’t sugarcoat anything. I agree that it’s easy to despair when we see evil around us. I imagine that it’s hard to find moments of joy in prison but I hope that somehow you do.

  13. GD, I really really liked your poem. the style you chose to write in made it feel more like story telling but the message is deep in the words. My interpretation would be that we all have that beast that holds us back from being able to move on. It can be damaging to our future when we hold onto our past, it stops us from embracing what we could have instead of what we had. It takes time and patience to control the beast but it can happen.
    You have an amazing gift of writing. Keep going!

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