The Love for My Daughter


The love for my daughter is so strong
That if the San Francisco bridge was to collapse or break apart
It would put the fallen pieces back, holding it together forever
The love for my daughter is so bright
It could brighten the world like the sun brightens the morning
Or the moon brightens the night leaving no dark spaces on the face of the earth
The love for my daughter is so precious
It’s like holding on to a diamond necklace heirloom
That your great, great, great, great, great grandmother gave to your mother
And they passed it to you and said,
Never take it off, it will protect you
The love for my daughter is so unique
It’s like your first pair of Jordans you got on your birthday
That you never wanna mess up, so you step light
It feels like you floating or stepping on clouds gliding across the big blue sky
The love for my daughter is so important
It is like having Barack Obama in the mall with hundreds of secret service agents
And the street blocked off for miles, letting no one in
The love for my daughter is so powerful
It would resemble a punch or a haymaker being thrown by Iron Mike in his prime
The love for my daughter pushes me so hard to do great by her
It’s like Jackie Robinson in a baseball game that nobody wanted him to win
And doing everything in their power to make him lose
But yet he still found a way to calm his mind
Hit that home run and win the game


  1. Billie Marcheva says

    Hi SM,

    I love this poem. I can feel your love for your daughter tangibly. I love the imagery you bring to mind with lines like, “floating or stepping on clouds gliding across the big blue sky.” I love the references to culture – it grounds your ideas in very relatable concepts, and makes the metaphors more powerful.

    The love between a child and a parent is fierce, proud, and unstoppable. I can feel that in your poem and I’m certain your daughter feels it every day. I’m certain it makes a difference in making her life so much better.

    Thank you for sharing your poetry.

  2. I love the imagery in your poem. It is funny, clever, and It really captures the strong connection and love you have for your child. Having a daughter really is the best.

  3. ShanTina Upchurch-Taylor says

    Wow! Not only are your words beautiful, they are powerful. I loved it.

  4. Such strong emotion was advanced readily through your inclusion of metaphors. Your daughter has much love, and I hope she is able to read this poem! Please keep writing, and thank you for sharing!

  5. Allie Ruggiero says

    I loved this poem because you expressed so much emotion with your words and it shows. I really enjoyed this poem because I can relate to it. My dad and I have a very close relationship and I love him very much and I don’t know what I would do without him. My favorite lines were, “The love for my daughter is so bright
    It could brighten the world like the sun brightens the morning.” I loved all of your similes especially the Barack Obama one because it’s saying that you’re daughter is important and needs to be protected at all costs. You can tell how much you love your daughter and that she means the world to you. I loved how you included your own personal experience with your daughter with her first pair of Jordan’s for her birthday. I can tell that you miss her and can’t wait to see her next. I loved your poem because it is so personal and meaningful to you.

  6. This is such a sweet, heartfelt poem relating to the love we have for the most important people in our lives. Thank you for being so open about sharing this love. The repetition of “The love for my daughter…” creates an inviting tone and universal aspect to your poem. Your words made me reflect on the bond I share with my parents, and how it really is a strong mutual relationship / love that can never break.

  7. This is such a precious poem. I can feel how much love, time, and thought went into these words. I enjoy how you have structured the poem so the each section begins with “The love for my daughter is so…” and then you support it with beautiful imagery about that term. I am happy that you see this love and relationship with your daughter as strong, bright, precious, unique, important, and powerful. Not everybody has someone that feels such love for them. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope that you will continue to push yourself and continue to write your truth.

  8. SM,
    I can understand how great the connection can be between a parent and a child. Your use of similes put the feelings I often have about my parents into words that I could not seem to find. I hope some day I feel the same way about my future children as well. I love how you use your daughter as inspiration to keep fighting, to become a better person, to defeat the odds. I know you will make her proud and that just like Jackie, you will win the game! Nothing great was accomplished without adversity!

  9. The way you expressed your love through similes. It made each statement more powerful and helped understand how powerful your love for your daughter is.

  10. I really enjoyed reading your poem because the message is so sweet, yet powerful. The love between a parent and a child is like nothing else. Nothing else can come close to the power it has. One specific line that I enjoyed is when you wrote “It feels like you floating or stepping on clouds gliding across the big blue sky.” I loved that line because everyone has pictured what it would be like to be able to leap and run among the clouds and you were able to put that into words to better convey your message to the reader.

  11. This is such a sweet poem and your analogies and metaphors are so descriptive and creative. I hope you will save this poem for your daughter to appreciate when she is old enough; she is so lucky to have a parent that loves her this much.

  12. This is so wholesome. I hope your daughter reads this someday.

  13. Such a beautiful way how love is described in this poem. I really enjoyed the allusions to Barack Obama and Jackie Robinson!

  14. The love that a father has for his child, especially his daughter, is powerful and should be maintained and supported in any and every way.

    Thank you so much for inviting us to read and engage with this work.

  15. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem, SM! The way you talk about your love for your daughter is so moving, I just think it’s so so wonderful. Please continue to write!

  16. This was so beautiful. The different comparisons were enigmatic too so it made me want to keep reading to see/hear what else this love would be compared to. I also liked that these comparisons weren’t the “traditional” things love is compared to and instead felt more personal. Beautiful!

  17. I really loved your poem and the analogies you made. The comparison by simile throughout the piece adds a very professional and poetic element to this piece; it makes it very obvious the deep love that you hold for your daughter. Great poem!

  18. kassidilenae says


    Thank you for taking the time to write this. I admire the selfless love you have for your daughter. We all have a light that keeps us going, and she is your light. We can hope that our children will learn the love we give to them and bestow it on others as they grow. If everyone showed this kind of love, the world would not be such a dark place.


  19. Dear SM,

    Wow, this poem is so touching. You daughter is so lucky to have you love her. Your emotion toward her is so strong and beautiful and it really comes through in your words. You use amazing imagery to help paint a picture in the reader’s head. The lines about the great (5x) grandmother’s necklace is lovely and shows how love endures for generations. I think this poem must be so relatable to any parent out there. The repetition you use in this poem really emphasizes your message, great technique. Love is so powerful and important and overcomes all. The poem ends on such a happy and hopeful note. I loved reading this!

    Best wishes,

  20. I love this poem so much but I’m sure not as much as you love your daughter, because it sounds like an infinite amount. The comparisons and examples you provide are powerful and visual, and I found myself smiling and feeling a little jump in my heart. Finally, the repetition of “the love for my daughter” drives your message home like no other. I would like to be a mother one day, and I can only hope to feel this way about my child. Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. I love your poem. It is very touching. It is amazing you have so much love in your heart for your daughter. That much love can give you the strength to move forward everyday and keep your head up. Think about her whenever you are feeling down or need something to bounce you back up. I love how you were able to compare your love to so many different adjectives, and further develop those adjectives with similes. It is very impressive. Keep your head up. Keep writing.

  22. I love your writing! Your poem is extremely touching and person, so thank you for opening up. Never lose trust or faith in your daughter, because she will always help you out of tough times. Your writing is very powerful and compelling, keep writing and never give up!

  23. Loved how you showed how much you love your daughter in this poem. I also liked how you compare your love for her with other people and objects. I hope that you continue to write in the future.

  24. This is beautiful!A father’s love is unlike any other.The images you used to describe a father’s love are so powerful.I have been touched by your poem.Thank you for sharing.

  25. Phuong Nguyen says

    I really love the creative imagery and cultural references that you make in your poem! It is a breath of fresh air from traditional forms of poetry. I am a daughter myself, and although my father has never communicated well with me when it comes to his love or emotions, your poem really helps me understand him better, that even though his love is unspoken, he will be there for me. Thank you!

  26. This poem is beautiful! The love for your daughter truly shows through your words! Keep up the good work and don’t stop writing !!

  27. Dear SM,

    Thank you for sharing this poem– it has such vivid imagery that really emphasizes the importance of your daughter in your life. I particularly like the line, ”

    The love for my daughter is so unique
    It’s like your first pair of Jordans you got on your birthday
    That you never wanna mess up, so you step light”

    That is such a unique experience and it made me smile to think of treading lightly and hopping over puddles so as not to ruin a new pair of shoes– I can relate to that with a new pair of my sneakers, and the sense of preciousness and not wanting them to lose their new condition. The sense of ease and joy you describe when thinking of your daughter really communicates not only the care you feel for her, but the tangible joy that comes from being around her. Thanks again for sharing.


  28. I love this poem! It reminds me of the love that my dad and I have for each other. It is an unbreakable bond that will last for forever. The imagery that was used in the poem is amazing!

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