Sadness in Your Heart


When you have sadness in your heart,
you feel like a little person
and everybody is walking over you.
Your heart is crying,
but your soul is just sad.

There is hope.
You hope they do not look in your past
or you hope they forgive you for your past.
This is the only thing that can stop
the sadness in your heart.

Some nights I cry and some nights
I get mad at myself.
My mother and family is always there.
But when you are looking for somebody else
to talk to, there is nobody there.
You feel alone.

This is when sadness in your heart grows
and it gets bigger and bigger.
It makes you go crazy.
It makes you do things that you do not want to do.
You try to find love,
but you are looking in the wrong place.
You try to do things that you think will make you happy,
but it just puts more sadness in your heart.


  1. Hi JJ,

    This was a really moving poem that beautifully & clearly illustrated a universal feeling – sadness and longing. Your feelings are all valid, please keep up the good work, your words are asking to be heard.

    – M

  2. kassidilenae says


    Thank you for your vulnerability in this poem. Sadness and loneliness can be all consuming at times, and i think your writing accurately conveys this. Never stop searching for the hope you describe in the second stanza. That hope is your strength.

    Keep writing!

  3. Derek H. says

    Hey JJ, the feeling of being alone is something I can definitely relate to. It makes other issues seemingly worse as you fell you have no outlook for help. Thanks so much for sharing and leaning on anyone who will listen helped me.

  4. Heather Ukaonu says

    This poem represents a type of feeling that is hard to put words to, but you did just that! You wrote something that the whole world can connect with and feel on a very personal level.

  5. Jaycee Silva says

    I feel your sadness. I am sending you strength. Your words are very impactful and they matter.

  6. Wow, so raw and true to how many people feel. The longing sense of hope, the sinking feeling of sadness.
    Really powerful, thanks JJ,

  7. This makes me sad. I’m sorry you’re feeling so alone and isolated. I hope you’re able to find friends to love and care for you in the future. I hope your family brings you solace until then

  8. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions, it takes more strength than you think and it is not weak by doing that. You owe it to yourself to do so and in time, you will love yourself. Carrying such a huge weight in your heart is hard, share the weight with others. What you are experiencing and sharing will allow others to heal and provide healing for yourself. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Koryana Boyle says

    Some days it’s hard to look past sadness and reach out to others. I live with my family but there are times I also feel like I’m alone when I need consoling. It can be hard to put on a happy face without feeling like you’re cheating yourself. Your art works to say everything you keep inside of you, you always have this outlet.

  10. This hit hard. I hope you find love within yourself. I struggle with it too but we can do it!

  11. This poem is so powerful, I actually teared up when I read it. The third stanza resonated deeply with me, I sometimes feel like I have very few people in my life to turn to for support, but I am so grateful for the people who I do have in my life. Also, your second stanza is exceptional in the way you introduce hope in the first line, but talk about hoping that people will forgive or ignore your mistakes. This poem is amazing, keep writing.

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