I knew he would die
But not wit a gun
On dah corner wit us
Just having fun
Loved by all
Except for one
He was shot
And now it was done
RIP Donte


  1. Very sad about the death of a friend, and so unexpectedly and sudden. My condolences to you, MC. Thank you for sharing your poem. It brings to mind how short and unpredictable life is, for all of us. I hope you will overcome whatever circumstances led you into prison. And hope you will receive healing for your soul. It is a mighty sad world we live in. Not everyone seems to notice that. All the best.

  2. You all have a ton of talent and potential. I am so happy that you all have chosen to share these poems with the world.

  3. MC, it takes a lot of courage to share something so personal and difficult. This poem does an amazing job of showing the shock and emotional weight of your loss in just a few words. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you keep using writing as a way to find peace. You clearly have a great feel for poetry, and I’d love to read more of your writing.

  4. I particularly like “and now it was done.” There’s a lot of emotion and ambiguity (like life)in so few words. it brought to mind Langston Huges poem “My friend is gone:”. I loved my friend /he went away from me / there ,s nothing more to say / The poem ends,/ soft as it began. / I loved my friend.

    Stay strong, Katie

  5. Mbachur Mbenga says

    I appreciate you opening up to us.
    Please accept my deepest condolences in regards to the death of your friend.
    But remember that he is above you watching you, thinking about you as much as you are thinking of him, and most importantly- he is being a guardian angel to you.
    Keep your head up, and keep up the good work!

  6. Andre Williams says

    MC, your poem is touching and straight to the point. What type of relationship did you and Donte have? How did his death impact the choices you make in life?

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