I really want 2 be honest
With the females I choose 4 company
But some use me 4 play 4 just showing sympathy
If I show them a real man
Will they respect and love me with loyalty?
Am I being a fool?
Or am I confused
from being brain washed
by other dudes?
How about you choose


  1. That’s absolutely right! Why is so much of what we call “being a man” based on treating women poorly? Isn’t it “manly” to treat women with respect? Since WE are men, don’t WE get to decide what being “manly” is? There’s a lot to think about with that.


  2. that was a good poem i like the way rhymed and the way it flowed and respect is a great thing to know for all people.


  3. I am 45 years old and this is a question that has been big in my life. Lke J.F. says, we decide what it means to be a man, not anyone else. I have found that if you are the man you want to be then you will draw the right woman to you. It may not be the first one that comes along, so you just have to keep your eyes open.

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