#R.I.P. G-Pops


You left so fast and I cried for days
I’ve been angry and beyond depressed
All these bottled up feelings are hard to express
I smoked so much weed and drunk so much drank
I didn’t even shower and ran the streets until I stank
Why did you leave when I needed you the most
I too wanted to disappear and be a ghost
I began to hate and be cold hearted
Trouble grew around me in which it all started
So many days are forever dark
I still see your body being rolled on that casket cart
I’m still hurting but I know God called you home
It’s just hard believing you’re really gone
I will see you again and oh what a day it will be
But in the meantime, I’m sorry for not being me
I’m growing stronger and have given my life to Christ
Although you’re gone I know heaven is nice
So please ask God continue to hold my hand
That through all this pain I can humbly stand


  1. Lisbeth says

    This is a great poem honestly it made me want to say “yes you understand how I feel” . My mother passed away and I used to always write about it . I tell myself as well I know God called her home ” when It get tough thinking she is gone .

  2. I really like the rhythm and rhyme in this poem. I can hear it being spoken as I read it–very nice. Although you write that “bottled up feelings are hard to express,” I think you do a great job expressing them! Asking for help is a wonderful thing, and I hope the memory of your lost loved one is a blessing for you.

  3. Sarah S. says

    This is such an emotionally wrenching poem, and so immediately relatable to anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. I think what makes this poem great is that it is so personal, and yet at the same time universal– I think that most people can relate to lines like “Why did you leave when I needed you the most,” “I too wanted to disappear and be a ghost,” “It’s just hard believing you’re really gone,” and the poem’s final request to be able to bear the pain and somehow make it through. I am so sorry for your loss, AME. I hope that writing and cherishing your memories will bring you comfort.

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