Protecting My Energy…


I’ve made peace out of chaos,
by taking a piece out of chaos…
for chaos is but an imbalance to the natural disorder
of the universe.
So, I trained my mind to freeze the earth
So I can take the MC out of square…
Once you take Mass and Matter out of the equation
You’ve created a space, where negative energy dissipate
Where it used to be “Air”…
Riddle ME.
I am, who I tend to be
My vision is what many pretend to see
I have the ability to create my own destiny
The sign and symbols resting next to me.
…and believe it or not.
Adversity is the main verb, that’s protecting me.


  1. Jordyn Salmon says

    The abstract way you discuss making peace and creating your own destiny through science and mathematics is very interesting and I enjoyed it. My hope is that you continue with this kind of thinking and take control of your own destiny.

  2. GL,
    This is a fascinating poem. I love the way that you can analysis your surroundings. I totally agree that you have the power to create your own destiny and I hope good fortune follows you. Thank you for sharing your poem with me and please keep writing these great poems! -Pat

  3. GL,

    Great poem! I enjoyed reading your poem and was happy to see that you’re taking charge of your own destiny. Your poem is abstract and is one that makes people think carefully about being in peace with the world and themselves. Keep writing and talking about what you love.

  4. GL–
    I love the way you spoke about the universe and space and time, transforming your experiences from something painful like chaos into something powerful like a destiny that you are in control of. Thank you for your poem. I hope I get to read more of your writing in the future!

  5. Nick Rice says

    Great opening line! This hooks the reader in and the flow that each line has keeps them entertained. I like how you go through the personal struggles and how you show that it won’t make you stuck. This can help other people going through similar experiences know that there is a way out. That life is better when you can overcome adversity.

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