My potential is to be successful
To be a better father
To not be bothered what other people say about me
To always keep my mind free
Free of insecurities
Free to spread my wings
Free to sing
My potential is to be free
To be the Real Me
To work for a successful company
To pay bills to make ends meet
My potential is beyond what I now see
Prison cells and white concrete
To make it back to the streets
My potential is to be a normal American
To open doors to inner city kids
Suffering from poverty
That’s my potential


  1. Alejandra Martinez says

    I have a lot of sympathy for this poem. I believe one will always have the potential to do anything they set their mind too. This poem speaks so loud and I can hear the potential you’re willing to put in when released.

  2. I really like the raw emotion that is conveyed throughout this poem. I like that there are a clear set of goals that you have kept in mind despite the current situation you are in. I find this to be very uplifting, and your use of repetition really emphasizes your feelings.

  3. These are beautiful aspirations. They are like a song singing from the page. Thank you for writing poetry and sharing your vision of a better world.

  4. Noor Elhage says

    Hi AG,
    I felt really bittersweet reading this poem. Although I don’t know the details of your situation, life taught me that unfortunately imprisonment can happen to anybody. We all make mistakes. Sometimes it’s a matter of whether or not you get caught unfortunately. With that being said, I wish for those same things for you and anybody following in your path. You are more than what your environment wants you to believe. I genuinely wish you the best of luck.

  5. Jayla Brown says

    This is a strong statement. My potential is the same as every other Americans. There should be no reason that my potential should be limited. My potential can help to benefit others. This a very uplifting piece!

  6. I really applaud you for sharing this poem as I feel like a lot of people can relate to wanting to achieve big things. The fact that you want to strive and work to make a difference in the world is really inspiring. I really appreciate you taking the time to write this poem, share your thoughts, and express yourself.

  7. Maranda Estwick says

    A lot of us struggle with knowing that we have any potential at all because we are so used to seeing our parents or everyone around us settle or give up. We’re not really told that we can be anything we want to be and if we are, there aren’t many resources or people who are helping us to get there. So it definitely starts with ourselves and knowing we have that power to be whatever it is we want to be. So if you keep this mindset, half the battle is already won.

  8. I really love your poem! I think it does a lot of things well. I like the flow and inconsistency of the rhyme; it makes the poem almost feel like a song. In addition, the gradual reveal of who you were and who you want to be is well done. Nice job!

  9. Katherine Gonzalez says

    Realizing your true potential is always so important, and I’m glad you know yours. I loved the lines: “To always keep my mind free
    Free of insecurities
    Free to spread my wings
    Free to sing
    My potential is to be free”

    The different things we have in life to feel free reminds us of the beauty of life 🙂

  10. Tiona Lancaster says

    I think it’s amazing that you see more for yourself outside of your current circumstances, and are making plans to have a better life on the outside. This shows that you are keeping hope alive for a brighter future, and that’s a beautiful thing. Keep it up!

  11. kingclaire13 says

    Dear AG,
    You’re right, that is your potential and I hope that your mind will always be free to see it. Thank you for sharing your visions of yourself with the world. You are so much more than what you see right now and I hope that the walls you see right now will not shrink your view of yourself. What is beautiful about potential is that it will always be within you. Your writing will help others remember that too.

  12. I love the way the words, “To be the Real Me” sit right in the middle of this poem, the heart of the matter. The poem expresses great longing for something more/better/different…yet the statement at the middle makes clear that this is really simply about being who you really are, and that who you are is already the strong/confident/helpful/important person you long to be.

  13. Megan Lucas says

    You have endless potential. My favorite poems are the ones where there is a pattern or repetition as I feel it brings the message across and you did this very well. It was enjoyable to read and had such optimism and fight to be the best that one can be. Thank you for sharing your words and I hope you keep writing.

  14. I really like your poem. It is important to know that there are endless possibilities out there and if you want to overcome what you have been through you need to put your best foot forward. I believe in you and your drive and determination is what will make you successful

  15. Rachel Sorkenn says

    Hi! I really enjoyed your poem because it was heartfelt and uplifting. Its great to know that you know your worth and you know that your hard work will eventually lead you to great things. Everyone has great potential and when you work hard and put your mind to your goals and dreams you can get there.

  16. Isabelle Eskay says

    AG, this poem is filled with inspiration, hope and individuality. You have so much potential that will continue building.

  17. This poem was very touching. My favorite part was the last four lines. I think it was very powerful to see your plans to live to your full potential. I also think it is very admirable that you are going to focus your time and energy towards inner city kids. Many of them are struggling, but have the potential to be great if given the proper support!

  18. AG,
    I really enjoyed how you started off the poem with the desire of freedom to then achieving certain goals. I assume that majority of the people not only in prison but normal human beings desire this sense of freedom. “Free to spread my wings” as you would say. I was very delighted to read your poem.

  19. I love this. Sometimes we put ourselves in a bad situation, but if we keep trying our best, we’ll always get through it. let’s keep up the positivity:)

  20. AG, this is a strong and positive poem. These lines are so important: My potential is to be free…My potential is beyond what I now see.

  21. I, too, find it very important to set goals for myself–they help me stay on the right path and achieve the things I want in life. I see you have so much potential, and it is truly amazing when someone is able to recognize what great potential they have.

  22. Madi Coyne says

    This poem really struck me. Not only because of the well written stanzas, but also because of your confidence and pride in yourself. Your optimism in a place like prison is absolutely inspiring to someone like me. I know that we don’t know each other, but I am so proud of the fact that you are bettering yourself, expressing yourself, and putting passion into this program. You do have all of the potential, all hat you need to do is keep believing in yourself. That will get you far. Good luck!!

  23. This poem is great. It really allows me to reflect on my insecurities and also remember that everybody has them. It also reminds me that people have goals and hidden potentials that sometimes cannot be seen by others unless vocalized, so we should not judge people without knowing them. You have potential, & this is an amazing poem!

  24. This is an amazing poem. I love how you talked about your potential, and I can tell you have so much potential based on your writing. The end was great, “my potential is to be a normal American, to open doors to inner city kids suffering from poverty”. Your vision is so apparent in this poem, and I hope you continue to believe in all of the great things you can do.

  25. Hello AG,
    Everyone deserves a second chance, and I can see it through your writing that you are sincere about it. I know you want to be there for you kids, they still look up to you no matter what. Do not let other people bring you down, ignore the bad things they say. Do not let anyone get in the way of you becoming a great father, husband, brother, and friend.
    Stay Safe.

  26. This poem has such an inspirational message. The best poetry always leaves you feeling uplifted after reading it. I think everyone can appreciate striving to reach their potential, and how important it is to support each other while doing so.

  27. Matthew Wootten says

    I love the way in which you talk about fatherhood here. Too often people just look at the first part of providing for one’s famil y (” To work for a successful company / To pay bills to make ends meet”) and not the critical job of raising the next generation (“To open doors to inner city kids / Suffering from poverty”). I wish you the best of luck on your success.

  28. Meyber Alvarez says

    I really enjoyed your poem. This poem not only talks about your potential, but about what you want to do. These are the things that you want to works towards and be able to achieve. It’s not only about physical things but mentally. You wish to be free spirited and not care about what others think and do what’s best for you. I also like how you talk about wanting to make a change because not everybody has the same opportunities. Your mindset is growing and through practice I believe you’ll be able to reach your full potential.

  29. WOW. This poem is so inspiring. Maintaining a positive outlook on the future is so important to better ourselves and our communities. I’m inspired by the way you reject negativity here and embrace potential and optimism. You are so right. Your potential IS beyond what you see right now. I wish you nothing but fulfillment of all that you have listed. You are capable and amazing.

  30. Tyler Morelli says

    You have so much potential in life. The only boundaries you have are the ones you set for yourself, so let yourself push the limits to strive for what you want in life, because if you put your heart and mind to it, you can achieve it. There is so much good you can do for the world, and I can assure you that you will have the opportunity to make those impacts. Keep your head high and always look forward. It’s amazing that you can see all of the potential you have, now all you have to do is work for those goals. You can do it and I wish you a successful life.

  31. I love this poem! I feel like “potential” is a word that we hear so often but never step back to really analyze. Everyone has potential, but it takes much more self awareness to know what exactly that potential is. I especially like your emphasis on self love in the first few lines. If we can’t love ourselves, we can’t be free to chase our highest potential.

  32. Yesica Benitez says


    I feel like we all have the potential to do something we are not currently doing. I love your optimism and desire to be a free and better person. I connect to your desires, I do wish to be successful and in the future. Good luck on your process and I sincerely wish you the most positive outcome. Always strive to be better!

  33. Jocelyn Matos says

    The mind is a battlefield! The best way to start making a change is first focusing on how you speak to yourself. I see that you have motivation and refuse to be subjected to “Prison cells and white concrete,To make it back to the streets”. You have the ability to change lives and make a difference for the youth. I commend you for your efforts as a father and I hope you follow through with your life long passions!

  34. Hearing you talk about the specific word “potential” resonates with me. My former coach always despised that word because it was usually associated with people telling you that you’re currently not good enough or aren’t helping enough. However, hearing that sometimes does reignite that spark and that’s exactly what I felt from this poem. Hearing different uses of potential like when used in “My potential is beyond what I now see” reflected a more positive outlook on the word.

  35. Cassie Scandalios says

    I love the way you speak of your aspirations and your recognition of your vulnerability. I too find it hard to express myself the way you have in this poem, but it is inspiring how you speak of everything you still wish to accomplish in life. I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors and hope you find success in everything you set out to achieve!

  36. Your poem is truly inspiring. The way you recognize your true potential is incredible. The way you talk about helping people once you reach your full potential is amazing. Best of luck on reaching your full potential and I know that you will do great things.

  37. This poem was very real. I liked how you expressed that there is life beyond the present moment, and that when people talk and things seem dark and have been dark for so long, that this does not mean that it will always be dark. I specifically liked when you said “My potential is to be a normal American, to open doors for inner city kids, suffering from poverty, that’s my potential” because it shows how you see the good in everyone and that your wish is to use your potential to help others achieve their own potential.

  38. I love this poem for so many reasons. It is not only very well written and enjoyable to read out loud, but the message as a whole is so encouraging. I love when you say “My potential is beyond what I now see” because it is so true. Knowing that there is so much more that you are going to offer to the world is very important and the way you see yourself giving back is very admirable.

  39. Abby Carlin says

    This is great! I like the way how you identify specific ways to reach your potential. It is inspiring how you mention that your potential is to help others, specifically inner city kids suffering from poverty. I wish you the best of luck!

  40. Kendall Lambert says

    This has really good flow, and i love the uneven rhymes in this. The rhythm makes the poem not only easier to read, but easier to understand. Some poems can be long and use words meant to confuse the reader, but this is concise, clear and resonates well with those that read it. The form is also powerful with repetition throughout the poem. It also goes beyond some materialistic thoughts that people have, rather than saying one’s potential is to be rich, you incorporate more important, loving things in life such as being a good father and helping those who may need help. I think you’ve written something really great here.

  41. Jazzy Robinson says

    I thought this was an amazing poem. I think it speaks volumes about who you are as a person for not only wanting to be the best version of yourself, but for wanting to pass on your knowledge and resources to others who are struggling. It can often be difficult to overcome the opinions of others, but I think its important to remember that the most important opinion is your own. What truly matters is your opinion of yourself, not what everyone else thinks about you. I wish you the best of luck and I know you will be able to live up to your potential!

  42. Amber Germer says

    I love this poem, I love how you see the future with such an open mind. Your plan is to not only focus on yourself but your children, and those around you. It is extremely selfless and inspiring.

  43. AG,
    This is poem is very uplifting and motivating. I can feel your desire to reach your potential and I love how it includes all aspects of life from being a father, being a successful worker, and giving back to your community. I hope you stay strong and use your future as motivation! Keep writing, this is a great poem!

  44. lauren maline says

    I love how forward-looking and positive this is. Your words show extreme courage and mental strength; it is truly inspiring that you recognize & have faith in a future that is beyond your current version of reality. My favorite potential mentioned is “To be the Real Me.” When you reach this potential, all other potentials will fall into place. Great work!

  45. I think that everyone’s goal in life is to be successful, but that success looks different to everyone. I appreciate that you define what success is to you. I love the line “my potential is beyond what I now see”. This reminds me of something that someone once shared with me- “doing what you CAN do, is an open door to eventually being able to do what you can’t do now”. This means that if you want to be able to run a marathon you have to first be able to run one mile, then 2, then 5, then 13, and so on. It’s about getting just 1% better at a time.

  46. Jenny Ulehla says

    Stay focused on your potential. Courage will lead the way.

  47. I really loved hearing about your ambitions in this poem. I especially loved that you have goals not just to make yourself successful but to help others reach success. I think that that shows a lot of character and it was such a pleasure to read that in your poem.

  48. Hi, AG–this is an important poem and an important message to give yourself. Please keep writing.

    My potential is beyond what I now see
    Prison cells and white concrete
    To make it back to the streets
    My potential is to be a normal American
    To open doors to inner city kids
    Suffering from poverty
    That’s my potential

  49. Valerie T. says

    I love how you are so confident in this piece. You mentioned many ways in which you will be successful. I think this piece can set a really good example for other people.

  50. Beautiful. I love the part you talk about “free of insecurities… free to spread my wings… free to sing”. This is something that stood out to me the most as well as the “to open doors to inner city kids suffering from poverty”. I know that feeling and I know the strength and courage that it takes to do so for it is an important job. I wish you luck.

  51. Ray Ryan says

    I hope you reach your potential to help others, yourself, people in your community and to be the father you want to be for your child. That’s really inspiring, your poetry is well written and I love that it ends with “that is my potential” cause I hope you reach it!!! Best of luck man!!

  52. Hello AG,

    Your poem is really great because you are speaking of helping kids who need support and may not have the proper mentorship, kids from poor economical backrounds. It is very inspiring that you are able to reflect up on your situation and wish to make things right by helping others, making the world a better place.

    Many people don’t consider the importance of giving back to the community and fostering the youth, who are our next leaders of this country.

    “My potential is beyond what I now see” is a really powerful statement because it demonstrates your ability to look at the bigger picture, to not live in the day-to-day, rather to live for a bigger and better future. I can tel you are a wise individual who is seeking another opportunity to make things right, a chance to live like a normal human being.

    It is humbling to read a poem about someone who wishes for the opportunity to work and make an honest living, when most of us on the other side don’t want to. It makes me appreciate all I have and to not take for granted the opportunities I have. keep writing and thank you for sharing.

  53. I love your poem. Continue to have goals, continue to fight for your freedom , for you , for your child.

  54. I love how you’re still hopeful and see your potential. A minor set back always paves a way for a major comeback! I definitely could feel the emotions you put into your work. Things will get better and you will be able to witness your true potential!

  55. Christine T. says

    Dear AG,

    Thank you so much for sharing! I love the emphasis that you placed in your poem on the potential for growth in our lives, beyond what our immediate situations are. What really stuck out to me was how focused you are on not only on your potential to be a better individual to those in your personal life, but also on your potential to positively shape the world around you as a whole, as shown where you write “My potential is to be a normal American/To open doors to inner city kids/Suffering from poverty/That’s my potential.” In the same way you recognize your own potential, you recognize the potential of an important part of the younger generation that are often overlooked due to the backgrounds that they come from. If more people looked at others in the way that you do, the world would function as a better place for everybody.

    Again, thank you for sharing with us.

    Christine T.

  56. It seems you have formed your dreams and aspirations into a well written poem and I can hear how much you want to be free. Keep up the beautiful work and writing down your thoughts and dreams.

  57. This poem was very good! I think all that you are describing regarding your potential is what you have within yourself. I truly believe you can accomplish this all! I believe you can do it. The things you want to accomplish are not only bettering yourself but you want to help others as well and that is truly inspiring. I really believe you have all the potential in the world to prevail and become the best version of yourself! Best of wishes.

  58. This poem is very inspiring. Everyone has the potential to do anything as long as they put their minds to it. In this poem, it sounds as if you have your goals set out. The repetition of “My potential” creates an strong rhythm where it almost sounds like you are voicing your opinions to the world. I like the last 4 lines because it really highlights what many won’t necessarily choose to do with their lives. Maybe for this poem, you could rearrange the stanzas to talk about your inner potential to your outer potential, almost like working your way out.

  59. I love your poem. Truly, half of the battle in life is recognizing your own potential and you have vocalized your own potential so beautifully. Your poem reminds me of my parent’s lives. They both were able to live up to their potential and I am so proud of them. You are going to do great things in the world.

  60. I enjoyed this poem because it has a drive behind it. A drive to get better, to win the battle. A drive to life a happy and healthy life for not only you, but for your son. It takes strength to free yourself from yourself, but there is incredible strength in all of us.

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