Poem: My Case Load

My Case Load

by a Community Supervision Officer

Offender wants off papers

Refuses to change ways

Running away to come back

Poem: Where does Love Go?

Where Does Love Go?

Where does love go when true love dies?

It goes back to your heart

And comes out to your eyes

My dear daughter this is true

I see your face in every star

In every rainbow

Near and Far

My heart will not accept that you have gone

Your precious love so warm and true

I hope this life

Tears will weather and pray someday

We can be together

Poetry: “We Have a Future!”

We Have Future!

Sittin’ here thinking to myself writin’ poem after poem

Every night I lay down I have a mental storm after storm

But when I was free and out we were goin’, we were goin’

She is always on my mind but I’m torn, yeah I’m torn

And it ain’t no one to blame cause I was wrong, I was wrong

I’m just hopin’ she will be there when I come home!


Poem: My Case!

My Case!

Sittin’ here in this alias place…

Everything orange I knew I had a serious case

Chillin’ in the cell for about three or four days…

Thinkin’ to my homeboy out loud, tellin’ him we shouldn’t have went that way…

I had so many signs before I hit this case

I ignored them all so the Lord put me in my place

Or yet… he put me in a place

I’m too legit to quit, I’m not like these fakes.


Poem: “Youth Life”

Youth Life

We go through the school day wondering why we are here

We feel like no one understands us

Sometimes the teachers give us something to fear

This results us getting kicked out of class

We camaflouge our true feelings so we don’t let anyone in

We beat each other up because we don’t truly love

We want someone to show us the way, we want it to end

We give up, we no longer look for help from above

So we die or get locked up ‘cause we have no hope

People tell us we’re never going to be anything

We kill ourselves by smoking dope

While feeling insecure and helpless

We will make you an offer, help us with our internal issues

And we’ll be the best student you ever had

Let us cry out our feelings give us tissues

And together we can achieve greatness and success