Poem: “My Life”

My Life       

My life is great…

My life is surrounded by real and fake…

My life is laid in jail for a mistake…

To have a successful life

It’s never too late…

My life is good

A girl, two children, own house

So taking care of my responsibilities is understood…

My life is about my family and not a hood…

My life is filled with love and joy…

This child that my girl is 4 months pregnant with…

I hope it’s a boy

I don’t want my kids to be in jail for life

So I got to explain to them about

My life…

Poem: “Shame”


 What is shame?

Shame is when you commit crimes and leave it on your families

The bad names and the conversations people have behind your back

Shame can also be like when life don’t go your way

You can commit suicide or hurt yourself

Shame can be a very bad thing in life

You can get over shame by believing in yourself and loving yourself

And not letting people cause you headache

And not worrying about what people think.

Poem: “All Alone”

All Alone

All alone like no home,

No place to go,

Ain’t no people I know.

I should be home,

But not alone.

In a cell with no mail,

I just wanna drink fresh water,

Deep down from a well.

Poem: “This Ain’t the Rest of My Life”

This Ain’t the Rest of My Life

For the rest of my life I am gonna stay with a positive mind,

When I go home I’m gonna take care of my son and keep on track.

I’m gonna take responsibility for my actions and appreciate more in life.

Being locked up ain’t the worst,

But most of the time it hurts.

But I would rather be locked up than dead any day.

So with that being said, I’m gonna live up to my father’s name

And fix cars, because that’s what he loved to do.

Poem: “Love Yourself, Be Yourself”

Love Yourself, Be Yourself


Courageous and honest hearts are truly accepted,

Be who you are and love yourself for eternity.

Don’t let nobody fill you up with ignorance and hate,

Your fate is in your hands, so think wisely.

No matter how much you try to be someone who you are not,

Deep down inside you know you are who you are and more.

No matter how small or huge the boat is floating in water,

It will sink to the bottom if there is a hole in it.

So don’t ever let yourself sink, if you know what I mean,

Try to reach high like you are trying to reach the stars.

There is no happiness if you are going to waste it behind bars,

One thing I found in it is myself who was lost in darkness.

I’m thankful for that even though I live with pain in my heart,

I feel like the pain is slowly vanishing away.

‘Cause I’m being myself and loving myself,

For who I am not who they think I am.